Monitoring and Evaluation Managers Report 2017

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Executive Summary

SayPro is a registered non-profit institution that aimed at Promote inclusive economic empowerment (access into vocational training, completion, and transition into the job market) for unemployed and unskilled young people through SayPro ICT-based Work and Life Readiness and Opportunity Placement model.

I, Tsakani Stella Rikhotso serve as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of SayPro, where I provide assistants on the daily important role in creating those perceptions by building support and keeping the monitoring of the daily work of the organization and to make sure that we reach the target implemented according to the strategic plan.

My objective as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer is to be on the line of checking and evaluating perception and helping the organization to reach their online goals.

This report provides a summary of the tasks implemented from 2018-2019.I managed to complete the monitoring during the daily, weekly and monthly tasks of the organization and duty of staff performance Appraisal according to the calendar and its contents contribute the overall quarterly and annual report of SayPro institution

This report provides a 2018 -2019 annual report update of the tasks undertaken by the Monitoring and Evaluation of SayPro. It serves as a reference outlining the monitoring made according to the performance that was been happening during 2018-2019.

This report outlines activities, highlights, challenges, and remarks in line with the Monitoring role within SayPro.

Being part of SayPro that helps youth to be inspired all over the word. Being the Monitoring Officer in this organization will help monitoring to display and grow the organization goals.

As we all know that, the performance Appraisal guide SayPro to check if we are doing good or not. These reasons can also be beneficial in building the organizations online image and getting cliental for all the online platforms.

Activities Implemented this Month

For the year 2018-2019, I managed to achieve the following results in line with my role as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of SayPro. Below is a summary of the tasks that I performed during January 2018-2019.


  • Service Consultant
  • Human Resource
  • Skills Development
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Data Capture
  • Under Services  Consultant  this are the task allocated
  • Referrals of the beneficiaries, Paralegal services, scanning of registers, documents Job placement, copying

Human Resources

  • Under Human resources this are the task allocated
  • Staff Contracts, Job advertisement, Staff selection, Positions planning, Staff benefits

Skills Development

  • Under Skills Development this are the task allocated
  • Life skills, End user computing basic literacy which is Microsoft office word, Excel, outlook, power point and speed typing, Waiter and Customer services

Strategic Partnership

  • Under Strategic Partnership this are the task allocated
  • Proposal writing, Beneficiaries recruitment, Media Interview

Data Capture

  • Under Data Capture this are the task allocated
  • Capturing all programs registers, uploading documents, connecting according to the programs, remarks for student

Finance Department

  • Checking invoices and Slips expenses
  • Tally Payroll Services


SayPro has plan provides direction on how to run the organization. We have different department such as Administration services and Finance.

According to the implementation plan from 2018-2019 the impact is increasing compare to 2018-2019, whereby we managed to reach 1 520. The organization managed to limit the expenses increasing as number of client are flocking onto the organization.

Highlights in Pictures


Office of the General Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation and Human Resource conduct, Monitoring and Evaluation on a quarterly basis to staff performance, by means of comparing set targets against actual targets. The purpose of the session s is to understand how much progress has been and what solutions can be implemented in order to ensure that the team of SayPro meets all the deliverables.

Monitoring and Evaluation Team

Clifford Legodi – General Manager

Tsakani Rikhosto – Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Rebecca Maapola – HR and Administration

Office of the Programmes Manager

  • Capturing beneficiaries who have enrolled with online HIV/AIDS course and recorded process notes on Soweto Care System for referrals.
  • Sanitizing, screening and observing the regulation of corona virus pandemic.
  • Scanning and renaming of documents.
  • Assists beneficiaries with online form and online signatures.
  • Requesting and handing over certificates to the beneficiaries, still busy on spreadsheet for requesting all certificates.
  • Went outside to recruit the new clients.
  • Making impact to the young people in the community.
  • All in one online academy making easy for compliance.
  • Community to have accessibility in registering job for free.
  • Having more programs within the organization which gives staff member opportunity in enrolling with the programs.
  • Beneficiaries are coming to collect certificates.

Office of the Financial Manager

  • Facilitating Skills to success academy.
  • Submit a financial report of the Department of Social Development for the first quarter.
  • Doing recruiting the beneficiary.
  • Assist Mr. Ndou to remove the books and the computer upstairs.
  • Attended the meeting of writing reports and staff meetings.
  • Doing presentation of why how I work at Saypro and sent it to the CEO

 Office of the Administrator

  • Recording invoices for SayPro April to October 2020 and save under invoice folder.
  • Capturing minutes of the meeting for Placement, Staff update, Health & Safety, DYP Annual General meeting, and programs meeting.
  • Scanning of replace invoices for SayPro Financials.
  • Edited U-filing for Employees, SARS EMP 201 return for SayPro and Tally payroll.
  • Working with HWSETA application forms for TVET internship.
  • Editing New assets on assets sheet.

Office of the Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Developed the E-squared report.
  • Posted 15 adverts on hoot-suite.
  • Developed the SayPro‘s annual report.
  • Developed and posted 20 Articles.
  • Developed assessment questions for online programs Bookkeeping and System Support.
  • Hosted training for Report Writing and Website management for the team.
  • Assisted the team in developing articles and adverts.
  • Hosted a training sessions for clients together with the skills development facilitator.
  • Mapping website designs
  • Developed the CEO’s report.
  • Amended the Lekgotla La Me Report.
  • Hosted the Annual General Report.
  • Inducted volunteers and trained them on how to work on SayPro online systems.
  • Attended staff, program and strategic meeting.
  • Sale training to develop staff members
  • The launch of the Job center.
  • Digitalization of skills programs
  • We are officially paperless.
  • Clients are happy and able to use the academy for completing courses.
  • We are able to capture and document evidence on the system, which has simplified SayPro admin.
  • The office has been renovated.
  • Edited the scores in the online area, articles and tenders
  • Edited the location and Non profit Organisation in the online categories ( Spreadsheet) in
  • also edited the section of online focus keyword
  • created online NGO’s funding opportunities and send 15 websites to Judith to post on social media every week
  • Was working on SETA’s
  • had Marketing meetings with Neftaly, Carolyne and Clifford every Tuesday
  • Was busy with Strategic Partnership Report from 2015 to 2020
  • Together with my team, Neftaly and Carolyne we managed to develop and submit UEFA foundation for children.
  • Together with Neftaly and Carolyne we are working on the Department of Social Development proposal
  • Managed to edit the scores of the online articles and tenders
  • Attended the Annual General Meeting where I did the closing of the meeting
  • We received the rejection letter of the application from the National Arts Council
  • The UEFA foundation for children we submitted focus on empowering 1 000 disadvantaged and marginalized children aged 13-18 years old with ICT-based programme, Life skills and sports in the informal settlement in Diepsloot for the period of 1 year.
  • The Department of social development we are currently working on focuses in providing social and behavior change for young people aged 15-24 years as well as children aged 10-14 years targeting 20 000 beneficiaries in the City of Johannesburg and City of Ekurhuleni for the period of 5 years. ( Kindly note that we are still working on this proposal it closes on 4th of September 2020)



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