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2016 – 2020 Milestone


Case Management: Southern Africa Youth Project has a case management system, which assists the organisation in tracking
the beneficiary from enrolment to accessing opportunities. Through this system, we can give correct up to date individual, group and overall statistics of what has been happening in the organisation

Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills: Southern Africa Youth Project works in rural communities and townships where the majority or 90% of the Youth are unemployed or have never had access to skills to work or skills for business. Southern Africa Youth
The project provides a wide range of skills to empower communities in dire need

Advice and Referral Services: Southern Africa Youth Project refers beneficiaries to other institutions of support, which will provide additional support to what the organisation is contributing to the community. Southern Africa Youth Project works with governments, corporates, nonprofit organisation, and institutes of learning to ensure that we provide a basket of services. If we are not able, we delegate

Work Readiness and Presentation Skills: Southern Africa Youth Project provides work readiness skills to prepare first-time job seekers with knowledge and skills to ensure that they are ready to face the professional world both entrepreneurship and the workplace

Soft Skills/Life Skills/Financial Management Skills: Southern Africa Youth Project understands that beneficiaries are coming from high school and have never found employment. Our soft skills enable recipients to understand themselves and their families

Job Placement and Incubation: Southern Africa Youth Project places youth into jobs and entrepreneurial ventures, which they are to be self-sustainable. Our beneficiaries have proven to us that we put them once and they continue until they go to pension

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