SayPro offers Membership to individuals, Non-Profits and Businesses that shares the same values with us

SayPro works with over 100 000 membership organisations in over 100 countries, providing a wide range of services, training and programmes for cities, townships and rural areas.

Our membership is flexible, and members-only subscribe to what is aligned to their mission and vision.

SayPro launched the membership division from the request from Non-Profit Organisations, Businesses, and Government Departments to develop an organization or an institution that will be the voice for a large number of institutions.

SayPro launched the membership division in 2019 to give organizations and businesses access to our services so that they can spread amongst their communities, cities, townships, and rural areas.

 Through this, we are working with over 5 000 member organizations and Businesses globally that are:

  • Reselling SayPro Programmes and courses.
  • Helping businesses generate revenue by selling our programs and courses
  • SayPro allows Businesses to develop their communities by selling our programs to everyone in their communities.
SayPro Face to Face Training in Cape Town

SayPro Membership is open throughout the year for the following institutions


SayPro partners provide members to businesses who are looking for flexible solutions to resell and grow their income.

Businesses focus on getting customers whilst we sort out all the administrative challenges.

Join now and become a member.

Non-Profit Organisations

SayPro partners with non-Profit Organisations that want to resell our training and run SayPro development programmes in their communities, branches and countries.

Non-Profits continue to make an impact whilst we sort out their administrations.

Course Writers

SayPro partners with course writers by publishing their courses for reselling, and SayPro only keeps a 30% commission on every sale.

SayPro partners with Content Owners who would like to publish their content on the SayPro portal to reach millions of users.

See the Members we are looking for

SayPro Face to Face Training in Cape Town
Individual Membership

If you are an individual that is interested in reselling SayPro products and services to individuals, groups and businesses. This Membership is for you.

We are looking for:

  • Course Content Writers
  • Professors, Lecturers and Facilitators with content to publish on our site.
  • People who would like to resell, referrals our training programmes for commission.
Africa volunteering, charity, people and ecology
Non-Profit Membership

Suppose you are an organisation, church or group that works within a community or many communities. You stand a chance to provide our services to your clients.

We are looking for:

  • Non-Profits working with children, youth and adults.
  • Non-Profits working in Skills Development.
  • Non-Profits want a well-designed system to run their operations.
Corporate business colleagues talking in an open plan office
Business Membership

Suppose you are a corporate or a business operating in multi industries and sectors. Who is interested in reselling our services to their clients. Then you are the right institution for us.

We are looking for:

  • Companies operating in training looking for eLearning Solution Providers.
  • The company is involved in marketing, tendering and proposal writing.
  • Companies that are looking for Customer Management System for their operations.

Which countries are eligible for Membership

SayPro Membership is now open for all countries in all continents.

Lets get started now

Register yourself by completing our Application Form here

Then send us a WhatsApp to + 27 84 313 7407 or email to

Membership Registration Form

Please note that there is an Annual Membership Fee which is due after 12 months

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