Make an Individual Donation

Are you an individual or a family that would like to do a one-off donation or a continued support to Southern Africa Youth Project. Make an individual donation now.

Let us explore how you can give

  • Make a monthly contribution through our debit orders system. You set up the amount you wish to give also deciding whether monthly or annually. It is up to you.
  • Make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment to us. We can send an invoice or you can use our banking details. Get banking details information here.
  • Make an annual donation to us courtesy of you and your family.
  • Support any programme close to your choice.
  • Make an contribution to one child or as many as you can afford. Also get a chance to meet the people you support.
  • Give a portion of your salary to us for a tax deduction with the Revenue Authority or Revenue Services.
  • Make a donation with your car, house, electronics or any valuable.
  • Do you have any other ideas than the ones listed above. Then speak to us.

Send an electronic email to or call us at +27 11 071 1903 ask for the CEO – Neftaly Malatjie

We work Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 17:00

You can do EFT or bank card deposit here

  • Account Name: Southern Africa Youth Project
  • Bank: First National Bank – South Africa
  • Branch: Diepsloot
  • Branch Code: 260 510
  • Account Number: 62542586584
  • Swift Code: FIRNZAJJXXX

Make a donation now. The donation system below works 24/7


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