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SayPro is an award-winning company that provides solutions for government, corporate businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals globally and in Africa. Speak to us about this solution now. Chat to us on WhatsApp down on left.

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Documentation of SayPro work for learning, sharing and knowledge management.

Welcome to SayPro Documentation and Creative writing. We have embarked on a journey to share the work we do, the lessons learnt, the challenges and SayPro success stories.


  • The topic must be short if it can also be a question.
  • The topic may contain numbers, questions and emotional attachment to it.
  • The topic must be in simple terms for all users to understand.


  • Your introduction must be able to explain what the topic is all about and what you will be writing about in the whole article.
  • Your introduction must be short.
  • Avoid writing long statements. 
  • Your row must be short.


  • Your body must be able to share what the organisation is doing.
  • You need to mention the name SayPro SayPro in all your writing.
  • Instead of we use SayPro.
  • Avoid using too many SayPro.
  • We will not be detailed here as your articles may be different.


  • Your conclusion must mention what we did at the end.
  • How we contributed to changing lives.
  • How the organisation is making a difference.
  • How a donor, partner or investor can contribute to SayPro.


  • We encourage that writers must ensure that they add this statement.

Partner with SayPro by sending an email to info@saypro.online or giving SayPro a call at + 27 84 313 7407

Afro-american women writing in notebook.

For more information send on Documentation and Creative Writing send SayPro an email to info@saypro.online or call SayPro at + 27 84 313 7407

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Introduction into SayPro

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