Leadership Structure


Southern Africa Youth Project is managed by the board who are comprised of experienced professionals who provides advisory, monitoring, compliance, evaluation and independent oversight to the organisation. The organisation is led by the Chief Executive Officer who is supported by the Chief Operations Officer/General Manager, Chief Monitoring Officer and Chief Financial Officer who ensures that all pillars of the organisation are properly functioning and there is accountability in Finance, Operations and Administration.

The organisation has staff members working at head office level, country, regional, local and partner organisations. These are managed by experienced and qualified managers who ensures that they look at delivery, monitoring and evaluation.

Southern Africa Youth Project understands that capacity might not be available internally. We therefore work with companies and individuals from outside who provides advisory, consulting and also facilitates other roles and responsibilities the organisation might not have internally.

The organisation takes development seriously. Where we question the impact of the work that we do on a daily basis.

We ask the following questions:

1.       What are you doing?

2.       How are you doing it?

3.       When are you doing it?

4.       How is technology going to be factored in what you are doing?

5.       Then what happens?

If all these questions are answered by the board, senior management, management, administrators, projects staff we are therefore satisfied that we are now ready to roll out the work we want to implement.