Irregularity Reporting Policy

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Legal Requirements Reference SayPro complies with the INTERNAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) Act of 2008.

Policy Review

SayPro review policy annually.

Policy Rationale

SayPro believes that the development of self-discipline and adherence to acceptable standards of academic honesty essential aspects of the learning process. The purpose of procedure is to provide a formal protocol for communication among relevant parties regarding known or suspected irregularities at SayPro.

Policy Scope

policy applied to all staff, Staff and Facilitators, assessors, moderators, other stakeholders, and beneficiaries involve in and referred to in the Quality Assurance Management system.

Reporting of irregularities

When an employee believes an irregularity has occurred, the employee is expected to report such instance with all relevant information at the time; they become aware of the incident to the has a responsibility person identified below.


Reporting and investigation of suspected irregularities entirely handle by all parties in a confidential manner practicable. If a person charge with the responsibility under procedure is suspected of wrongdoing, that person shall exclude from participating in the processes detailed above.

Quality Policies and Procedures

The quality assurance officer is having a responsibility for updating and the development of quality policies and procedures.

Any irregularities regarding SayPro quality policies and procedures address with the quality assurance officer or unit manager.

Accreditation, Membership and Partnership and Registration

The quality assurance officer is having a responsibility for maintaining of the SayPro Accreditation, Membership and Partnership with Service RELEVANT ACCREDITATION, MEMBERSHIPS, REGULATORY AND PARTNERSHIPS and registration with the Department of Education.

Any irregularities regarding either SayPro Accreditation, Membership and Partnership or registration address with the quality assurance officer and unit manager.

Programme Design and Development

The SayPro Manager is having a responsibility for the project management of new and updating of current course Content. When programmes nee to update or develop the SayPro Manager consulted together with the relevant product manager as to SayPro requirements. Please refer to the Programme Design and Development Policy regarding the requirements regarding guides, Programme Assessment, review and referral criteria and alignment documents.

Any irregularities regarding SayPro programme design & development addressed with the SayPro Manager and quality assurance officer.


The individual assessor or moderator together with the assistance of the quality officer is has responsibility for updating and maintaining the registration of the relevant assessor and moderator with a specific ACCREDITATION, MEMBERSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP BODY. It is the responsibility of the product manager and coordinator to ensure that the quality officer receives information regarding any new assessors and their relevant documentation.

Any irregularities regarding the assessor and moderator registrations address with the quality assurance officer.

Programme Assessment, review, and referral (including facilitation)

The product manager is having a responsibility for the management and maintenance of facilitator/assessor capacity. The sit-in and co-training and programmes policy guide the overall quality of new and current Staff and Facilitators/assessors performance and promote consistency. Staff and Facilitators/assessors also comply with the Beneficiary support policy and refer to the appeal procedure found in all Beneficiary Programme Assessment, review, and referral guides if a Beneficiary has an appeal regarding a Programme Assessment, evaluation, and referral.

Any irregularities regarding Programme Assessment, review and referral and facilitator/assessor performance address with the relevant product manager and unit manager.

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