The following are some of the ways of improving operating system performance.

Uninstalling old or unwanted software.

One useful way to improve your computer performance is by uninstalling software you no longer need, or you don’t even know is in your computer. By doing this, you get more hard drive space and probably end processes that use resources, hence, better performance.

Scanning for Virus, Adware and Spyware.

One disadvantage of Windows Operating Systems is that they are in constant danger of virus infections. No other operating system has a higher infection rating. This is not so much about Windows, but being so popular at the beginning of PCs it invited people to create virus to attack it. Microsoft knows the big issue they have because of this, and they have incorporated security applications into their software.

Useful tools and tricks to optimize the operating system

There are software developers that build applications to optimize your operating system. Most of these softwares include tools to defrag hard drives and the register, clean system files and register, optimize your internet connection and more.

These softwares have grown to be controversial between users, some say they work, others that not. In my opinion, these applications work but not the way you could have imagined or not with very noticeable results.

The two most known optimization suites that you may have heard of are:

· System Mechanic from iolo Technologies

· Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak.

· Both require a license.

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