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In life, we are matched naturally and accidents happen when two people with separate characteristics meet. Well, they may not be well indeed.

Imagine you married someone who has the same character as yours?

Will you still be together?

Will you stand that person of your character?

Your partner is mentally well. The problem is that you want your partner to support you for what is close to your heart.

What you need to do is to test. What are the most favourite topics to your partner and focus on that and slowly shift your partner to focus on what is close to your heart?

If your partner enjoys shopping. Go with them. Whilst they do their favourite part ask them those questions. You will see they will start to respond.

However, stop being too serious.

A doctor needs a domestic worker because they will honour and respect each other.

A doctor and the doctor always fights over dictionary terms and ends up on divorcing since they are in competition.

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