Human Resource Development Report

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Human Resource Development Report

Table of Content

Company Policy

Employee Information


Payroll & U-Filing


Staff Meeting

Health & safety

Office issues

SayPro is a youth institution that was formed 2005 by the aim of changing lives and mind-set of young women and boys in the community of Diepsloot and near township by giving them skills in trainings.

The report explains the work that was done in daily bases for Administration and Human resource, the method that we use to file organization documents online and on payroll system. Spending of organization for the employee’s payments and the total number of the employees we have as SayPro, return done for SARS EMP201 and EMP501 for 2019/20 year.

SayPro project had designed its own policy and procedures which are followed by the employees and beneficiaries of the organization.

The list below is for the policy which was created by SayPro;

  • Strategic Management Policy
  • Provider registration and Accreditation Policy
  • Marketing policy
  • Learning programs and
  • Financial management Policy
  • Assessment Management Policy
  • Resources Management policy
  • Staff Selection, Appraisal and development policy
  • Administration and Communication Policy
  • Leaner Entry, Guidance and Support Policy
  • Work site management policy
  • Reporting Policy
  • Document & record management policy
  • Health & safety policy
  • Management system review policy
  • Moderator Management policy
  • Curriculum development policy
  • Recognition development policy
  • Recognition of prior learning RPL policy
  • Training and Development policy
  • Certification Policy

Customer Service Policy Beside the policy that was designed by the organization we have basic Condition Act 75 of 1997 and Occupational health & Safety Act 85 of 1993 which the Act is followed and plug on the wall in the office.

SayPro use the online system Soweto Care System to save information for Employees, Beneficiaries and Reports for the Organization. Employee’s information, CVs, ID, Qualification, Employees leave days and Personal Information was saved on the system and this is done once unless the admin or the person who has access need to change or upload the documents. We also use OneDrive and tally payroll system to save the information.

Payroll system can only edit person information.

  • OneDrive can Upload Document for Person and Save them on Clouds.
  • SayPro project has 11 Employees, 10 permanents and 1 Intern.
  • SAYPRO was joined by 1 new member(Employee) in 4th quarter

List of active employee’s


Name & Surname  Position  Employment Type  Status 
Q1  Q2 Q3 Q4
Neftaly  Malatjie CEO Permanent A A A A
Clifford Legodi General manager Permanent A A A A
Tsakani Rikhotso Project Coordinator Permanent A A A A
Nancy Nghonyama Marketing Specialist Permanent     A A A A
Rebecca Maapola Administrator Permanent A A A A
Mulalo Mavhungu Bookkeeper permanent A A A A
Linah Ralepelle Service consultant Permanent A A A A
Thokozile Moyo Cleaner Permanent A A A A
Mulalo Nelukalo Intern in Finance Intern A A A A
Puluko Nkiwane Marketing Assistance Permanent A
Ndou Nkhumeleni Maintenance Specialist Permanent A A A A


SayPro comply with SARS by completing monthly employee’s declaration and Annually return.

  • EMP201 is captured every month in line with the payroll system.
  • EMP501 is captured Annually in line with report from payroll system.
  • Every year SayPro has to issue SARS certificate of the employees by making sure that the compliance between SARS and SAYPRO is done in the correct way.
  • SayPro has its own payroll system that allow to capture full information of employees and can create leave, summary report of staff payment, pay slips, information about EMP201/501 and the payroll system has the full information of the organization including organization registration number, PAYE, UIF and SDL Number.


  • The system can save information for long time, issue report form what was captured on the system.
  • Can be able to pull report monthly, annually and quarterly.
  • Help in completing SARS return and U-filling, the information for all three systems should be the same
  • The staff of SAYPRO was given chance to enroll in the program of HWSETA, all staff members completed the course and for drivers each has its own license and learners for code 10.
  • Learners and Drivers License
  • Life Skills
  • Safety awareness and techniques training
  • Continues Development Training
  • In-house Training

The trainings done from for 1st quarter are listed in the table below.


Staff Training  

Training Date Type/Description Outcomes Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
13-17 May 2019

27-31 May 2019




-NPO compliance and policies


-Financial Management


-HR training (SAYPRO training EMP201, Emp501 and Payroll)

SCS training

Training to capture SARS return for EMP201 and 501.

Workshop with Rand water for Proposal writing and policies.

Data management training, upload and capturing.

4 0 0  0

29-31 July 2019



-Investors training

-proposal writing

-SCS training

Proposal writing and Action-Tehe.

Building Investment.

Soweto care Training, report, Starts and Uploading Documents

0 3 0  0
-End User computing

-Foundation for Human Rights


Mail merge training.


0 0 3  0



2020/03/17  Report Writing Training The aim of the training was to help staff with the templet to use when writing report, steps to follow and how to put words.  



  1. SayPro has its on way to hold staff meeting discuss on the issues found in every department within the organization, the meeting can be about project update, update per department, Lekgotla La ME, Health & safety of the organization and Issues meeting for the programs.

Meeting Title Description Outcomes Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Health and Safety Office health and safety The office was renovated; electricity box was fixed. 2 2 4  3
Staff meeting Project updates Update from all programs, challenges, inputs and outcomes. 6 5 5  6
Investors Meeting Properties: The teams give an update of the:

·         Performance

·         Challenges

·         Changes

·         Legal processes

Discussion about tenants, issue of the building, budget for renovation and income 0 2 0  1
Lekgotla la ME The meeting comprises of reports from three divisions under Neftaly

·         SYAPRO

·         DYP

·         Neftaly Management

The CEO will be updated on all the proceedings of how the institutions are managed and performing in line with partners, clients and staff members. 0 0 1  3
DSD Visit As per SayPro SLA with DSD, an appointed official conducts regular M&E meeting with management to monitor progress and assist in addressing challenges. Monitoring of programs which are funded by department of social development.

The team together with DSD officials are made aware of performance, challenges, changes and solutions.

0 3 1  0
Monitoring meeting Monitoring and report Monitoring the work done from each department. 1 0 0  0
Zubuntu/ Neftaly Management The purpose of the meeting is to update the CEO about performance relating to properties. Giving feedback from the buildings, income and recruitment of new tenants. 1 0 1  0
Admin Meeting


Discussion about admin work from all department Giving out the issues found and the solution on admin work for all department 0 0 0 2
Marketing Meeting Giving feedback on marketing Proposal sent and feedback from donors


0 0 0 1
CEO Meeting Report to the CEO Report to the CEO an monitoring the evidence capture or uploaded online 0 0 0 1

The office of SAYPRO has the safety rules that staff is using on daily bases, the office has the exit sign for emergency, prohibit sing for smoking area, toilet sign and sign for fire extinguisher.

  • Have 3 fire extinguisher
  • 2 Medication bag
  • Occupational health & safety chart Act 85 of 1993
  • Door Branding to show when door open and closed, for safety of client banging the doors
  • Conduct meeting for health and safety monthly
  • Office has policy for the safety of beneficiaries and employees
  1. Office Issues
  • Issue of toilet door for the ladies
  • Toilet Sign
  • Laptop of staff are working slow
  • Electricity meter box its open wires are outside
  • Issue of solar for backup

SayPro continue doing the good job by partnering with other organization to strength the work, also continue to comply with SARS department, Department of labor, Tally payroll and work together with Soweto care system. We acknowledge SayPro by giving out the opportunity to be part of the organization, also encourage the staff to continue growing the organization by putting their efforts to work together as a team. I as SAYPRO staff request that we bring more trainings for the Employees.



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