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Help us build a better future

Technology, Health, Education & Employment

Enabling Girls and Youth to access for their advancement

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Your contribution will enable us to change the way Youth think about themselves and their communities

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Help us build a better future


Southern Africa Youth Poject is a Youth development institution headquartered in Johannesburg to address the socio-economic challenges that Children and Youth in Africa face. We enable Girls and Youth to access Technology, Education, Health and Employment for their Advancement 


Southern Africa Youth Project engages promotes the rights of Youth to access digital resources for their advancement

Education & Health

Southern Africa Youth Project in partnership with countries and governments promotes inclusive health and education


Most of our donations will end as medical support for everyone who needs it.

sponsor a girl child

With your contribution Southern Africa Youth Project will with your choice support a child for a period of a year on her educational growth


With your support Southern Africa Youth Project will empower rural communities and townships with support of your choice


Requires support

Villages requires support


girls, youth and young women need support

15 %


Can be achieved through our Youth development model

Questions? We have answers.

Southern Africa Youth Project works with companies, government, donors and individuals who have an interest in helping communities

Southern Africa Youth Project is funded by corporate, donors and government who provides from 1 to 10 years support to the institution

Help us build a better future

Our strategies

Completed 100%

Poverty2Jobs 2011 - 2015

Southern Africa Youth Project planned to reach 10 000 Youth in School providing the Youth Development intervention for Girls in Schools 

Completed 60%

The Bridge 2016 - 2020

Southern Africa Youth Project plans to reach 20 000 Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Adolescent Girls and Young Women providing them with capacity support, providing community support strengthening community networks

Completed 0%

The Chain 2021 - 202025

Southern Africa Youth Project aims to strengthen community support, strengthening country networks, capacity support of governments and strengthening non-profit organisations advancement

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  • 6863 Peach Road, Diepsloot, Johannesburg, 2189
  • + 27 (0) 11 071 1903
  • info@southernafricayouth.org
Call us now at 0110711903