How we see Governance

Southern Africa Youth Project is an institution that is registered in terms of the Non-Profit Act of 1997 and the Companies Act of 2008. We view governance as a critical component for the organisation.

We follow the following protocols:

  • Constitution as mandated and signed in 2005.
  • The Memorandum of Incorporation as signed in 2015.
  • The internal Management Policies as adopted in 2015

Our Organogram

Southern Africa Youth Project is led by the following:

  • Board of Directors: Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and 2 Additional Members.
  • Board of Advisors: 3 Executive Directors.
  • Lekgotla la ME Committee: Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, General Manager and Administration Manager.
  • Fundraising Committee: Strategic Partnerships Manager, Senior Proposal Writer, Communications Specialist, SEO Specialist and Independent Fundraising Consultant.
  • Finance Committee: Treasurer, Finance Manager, Bookkeepers, Sales Manager.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Committee: Chairperson, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and Secretary
  • Executive Office: Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Chief Accounting Officer and Administration Manager.
  • Senior Management: Human Resource Manager, Financial Officer and Programmes Manager.
  • Programmes Staff: Programmes Specialists, Programmes Officer and Programmes Administrators.
  • Administrative Staff: Receptionist, Information Officer, Advisors and Coordinators

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Our Brands

We have more than 20 brands under the Southern Africa Youth Group. Our brands are loved and lived by you. In achieving our Founder Neftaly Malatjie’s vision Southern Africa Youth Group is proud to announce that we have established sub brands which are affiliating under the Southern Africa  Youth Group. Partner with Southern Africa Youth

Our Vision

Our vision is lived by our staff and clients. Founded in 2005, Southern Africa Youth Project envisions a world of inclusive economic empowerment for all young people in Southern Africa —regardless of age, race, gender, or socioeconomic status See more about us Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project to achieve our Vision by sending an

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to solving Africa’s and global problems. Southern Africa Youth Project works with youth aged 14 – 35 and beyond in rural areas, townships and cities of Africa. Empowering those who are disabled, victims of violence and those willing to grow in life. Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project by sending

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Embedding a Gender focus across the organisation

Southern Africa Youth Project has 75% females leading the organisation. Women empowerment has been at the core of Southern Africa Youth Project. That is why we are embedding a gender focus across the organisation. Here is what sets us apart: Empowerment and training of all staff members in the organisation. Continous development, coaching and mentorship

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You are welcome to visiting Southern Africa Youth Academy online or through branch visit


Southern Africa Youth Project has been founded in 2005 and has registrations with the South African government and registration institutions. Our Registrations is as follows: Non-Profit Organisation Non-Profit Company Private Company Tax Exempt Organisation Section 18A Company Public Benefit Organisation Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project by sending an email to or give us

Impact of HIV/AIDS


Southern Africa Youth Project has made an impact on the lives of adolescent girls, boys, young women and youth in Africa. The organisation has managed to achieve the following impact: Providing services to over 100 000 Adolescent, Girls, Boys, Young Women and youth in Africa. Providing Skills Development Programmes to over 50 000 unemployed youth

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SayPro is an international organisation advancing technology and employment for the youth

SayPro is an international organisation advancing technology and employment for the youth SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project is an international organisation working with the Youth with headquarters in Johannesburg, Africa. Since its inception Southern Africa Youth Project has linked over 50 000 young people aged 17 – 35 to higher education, training, jobs, internships, learnerships,

Business Model for Development

Our Business Model for Development SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project will act as a leader in developing profitable income streams for the organisation to enable it to serve the interests of its organisations. As a development Organisation and an institution we have generated a lot of lessons, skills and attributes at the beginning of our

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Strategy Execution

Neftaly Malatjie | CEO Email: Call: + 27 11 071 1903 What is Strategy Execution In order to allow SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project to deliver on its overall strategy. The organisation will need to enforce the implementation of its strategy as an organisation. Southern Africa Youth Project has noticed to in order to

Our Organogram

Our Governance Organogram Southern Africa Youth Project is managed by 6 Board Committees who are responsible for independent oversight on all operations of the organisation. Southern Africa Youth Project is led by the following: The board of Directors The Board of Advisors Lekgotla la ME Committee Finance Committee Monitoring and Evaluation Committee Legal and Compliance

Academy Training

Southern Africa Youth Academy Southern Africa Youth Academy is a division of Southern Africa Youth Project. We are an accredited training provider with multiple SETAs. We offer the following courses: Short Courses Learnerships National Certificates Certification Programmes Enroll now Short Courses To register to over 400 Short Courses in all fields Click here CompTIA Courses

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Our Mission

Welcome to Southern Africa Youth Project Our mission is to promote inclusive economic empowerment for unemployed and unskilled young people through our ICT-based Work and Life Readiness and Opportunity Placement model. Founded in 2005, we work in collaboration with Government agencies (Department of Higher Education and Training (Sector Education and Training Authority, TVET Colleges), NGOs


We are accredited with over 10 licensors to develop Southern Africa Youth Project is accredited with the following institutions: MICT SETA CompTIA Oracle Academy Agriculture and Forestry South Africa. Learn more about our Accreditation

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Head Office

Our Head Office Southern Africa Youth Project headquarters are based in the city of Johannesburg, in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Southern Africa Youth Project has its headquarters are based in the location of Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg. In our facility we have an administrative unit, waiting area, training rooms and the lab. Our Model Center

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Become a partner

Becoming a Non-Profit Member Southern Africa Youth project provides membership to organisations in South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Lesotho, Malawi, and Mozambique. You get benefits such as training for your staff members and volunteers. We provide content that you can use to implement your work in your country/province/town/city/rural area or village. We

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Films and Videos

Welcome to our Film and Videos Library Southern Africa Youth Project launched the Film and Video Library where we share our work in Videos produced by our beneficiaries. Our goal is to: Document all the stories relating to Africa. Sharing all the good and the bad happening. Leading in documenting success stories of Africa.


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Campus Tour

We invite you to visit our Campus online Southern Africa Youth Project has its model center and campus which is an example to all our sites across Africa. Our Campus is one of its kind with state of the art Technology using various models. Our campus caters for over 10 000 youth per year who

Monitoring and Evaluation

We account for every cent and every child we help Southern Africa Youth Project has an internal monitoring and evaluation unit dedicated to monitoring the results we make. We view monitoring and evaluation as a priority. The value of Monitoring and Evaluation in Africa? Transparency: Southern Africa Youth Project understands that we are creating impact. It

Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project to achieve our Vision by sending an email to or give us a call to + 27 11 071 1903
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