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Gender-Based Violence a Problem

In Southern Africa, it is a norm that a woman and a child should be beaten to enforce discipline. We see daily that 8 out 10 women are being brutally beaten and killed.

This often leads to death and a high number of Gender-Based Violence cases reported to the National Police Service daily.

What to do to address Gender Based Violence

As a youth development organisation, we see this as a task ahead of us to restore hope, dignity and to provide economic empowerment to these young women.

Southern Africa Youth Project works with young women and girls in cities, townships and rural communities of Southern Africa. Addressing Gender-Based Violence and its effects on society.

Our Work on Gender Based Violence

We work with over 50 000 youth through our community centres and member organisation.

Our success is that we have managed to restore hope, confidence and self-reliance of victims.

To partner with us on Gender-Based Violence.

We work with government agencies, donors, foundations and local non-profit organisations to ensure that victims do receive a holistic support service.

Speak to Linah Ralepelle

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