Gender-Based Violence

Gender Based Violence in Africa needs be addressed before it is spread to the next generation

Southern Africa Youth Project has noticed that in every 10 women and children there is 8 who have been abused by intimate partner.

This is a norm and this is our work:

  • Gender Sensitization Programme
  • Gender Based Violence Programme
  • Gender Based Violence Awareness Programme
  • Sexual Education on Violence in Schools
  • Gender Based Violence Training

To partner with Southern Africa Youth Project

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Our work on Gender Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence a Problem

In Southern Africa, it is a norm that a woman and a child should be beaten to enforce discipline. We see daily that 8 out 10 women are being brutally beaten and killed.

This often leads to death and a high number of Gender-Based Violence cases reported to the National Police Service daily.

What to do to address Gender Based Violence

As a youth development organisation, we see this as a task ahead of us to restore hope, dignity and to provide economic empowerment to these young women.

Southern Africa Youth Project works with young women and girls in cities, townships and rural communities of Southern Africa. Addressing Gender-Based Violence and its effects on society.

Our Work on Gender Based Violence

We work with over 50 000 youth through our community centres and member organisation.

Our success is that we have managed to restore hope, confidence and self-reliance of victims.

To partner with us on Gender-Based Violence.

We work with government agencies, donors, foundations and local non-profit organisations to ensure that victims do receive a holistic support service.

Speak to Linah Ralepelle

  • Programme Specialist
  • Email:
  • Tel: + 27 11 071 1903
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Our work in Gender Based Violence

Why does gender-based violence occur?

Why does gender-based violence occur? GBV is easily triggered in our society and is considered to be ‘normal’ in many communities. Deeply learned cultural and

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Our work in Gender Based Violence

The Safehouse

The Safehouse is a shelter for abused women and their children.The shelter provides the following services:  Counselling and support service Free service Department of Social Development

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Our work in Gender Based Violence

Holy Cross Sisters St Clare Sanctuary

Women and survivors who are affected by,     Gender-Based and domestic violence Accommodate the children of women who are below teenage years Emergency or temporary safe

Have your say on GBV Bills

Parliament has urged all South Africans to participate in the public consultation process to strengthen the current draft legislation dealing with gender-based violence (GBV).

GBV has to stop

By: Andzani Hlongwane The Limpopo Provincial Government in partnership with Energy FM held a virtual Imbizo  to discuss  the alarming killing, harassment and assault  of

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Our work in Gender Based Violence

Together we can end Gender-Based Violence.

Together we can end Gender-Based Violence. Many organizations are against gender-based violence (GBV) and are appealing to women and children to seek their protection should

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The National Development Plans As an international organisation, Southern Africa Youth Project acknowledges the National Development Plans of countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana,

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SayPro competencies Southern Africa Youth Project plays a major role in the ecosystem of policy makers, funders, educators, intermediaries, organisations in Health, Welfare, Social Development, Education,

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Our role in leveraging Resources SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project has an interest in organisational engagement at an international, national, provincial, district and local level.

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Our Youth Cultural Exchange Programme Everyone is curious to know about the other people’s culture. People travel to Africa from America, Australia, Europe and Asia


We are providing services to the Youth, Businesses and Non-Profit Organisations Southern Africa Youth Project is the lead and the best organisation when it comes

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Welcome to Southern Africa Youth Project Our mission is to promote inclusive economic empowerment for unemployed and unskilled young people through our ICT-based Work and

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Our work in Gender Based Violence

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Who were are Southern Africa Youth Project is registered as a non-profit organisation and a company  Southern Africa Youth Project was founded in 2005 by

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Leading in solving Africa’s youth health and welfare challenges Southern Africa Youth Project is the leading youth health and welfare organization in Africa serving over

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Gender-Based Violence

Gender Based Violence in Africa needs be addressed before it is spread to the next generation Southern Africa Youth Project has noticed that in every

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