School Name GATEWAY
School Province Limpopo Province
ProvinceCD 9
School National EMIS Number 902332400
School Ownership PUBLIC
School Level/PED Primary School
School Specialization ORDINARY
School Land Owner NULL
School Owner Buildings NULL
School Department ExDept NULL
School PaypointNo 870007
School Component Number 413981
School Exam ination Number N/A
School Examination Centre NULL
School Direction New Latitude -22.3439
School New Longitude 30.04389
School GIS Source NULL
School District Municipality Name Vhembe
School Local Municipality Name Musina Local Municipality
School Ward ID
School SP Code
School SP Name NULL
School EI District VHEMBE
School EI Circuit
School Contact Person IM MASITHULELA
School Township/Village MUSINA
School Suburb MUSINA
School Town City MUSINA
School Street Address WHYTE STREET 19; MESSINA;
School Postal Address P.O. BOX 402; MESSINA
School Telephone 0155342311
Registered as a Section 21 1
School Section21 Funct NULL
School Quintile 3
School NAS NO
School Nodal Area NULL
School Registration Date NULL
School is a No Fee School No Fee
school Allocation 99
DemarcationFrom LP
DemarcationTo NULL
School Old NATE MIS 902332400
New School NATEMIS 902332400

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