Garden Route: COVID-19 numbers still climbing

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13 October 2020
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Garden Route: COVID-19 numbers still climbing

Are we experiencing “the calm before a ‘second’ storm”?

The Western Cape Government (WCG) has predicted that a second COVID-19 wave of infections could hit the province by early 2021. It has already hit parts of Europe, with England now seeing new cases quadruple over a period of three (3) weeks. In response, many affected countries implemented targeted local restrictions. An example of a targeted local restriction can include, but is not limited to restricting business operations in certain towns. Examples include the temporary closure of pubs and restaurants.

When Mr Gerhard Otto, Manager for Disaster Management at GRDM was asked about his thoughts about a possible second wave for the Garden Route, he explained: “Yes, a second wave of COVID-19 infections is a reality that we need to prepare ourselves for. Recent studies in 41 countries world-wide indicated that a second wave of infections occur within three to four months after a first wave.

Otto says that a “second wave is directly linked to human behaviour”.  He states that people become complacent by no longer adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols i.e. wearing of facemasks; keeping a social distance of 1,5 metres or more; regular hand washing and/or disinfection of hands.

“From what I have seen many people in the Garden Route also no longer abide to these basic rules, not only compromising their own health but also the health of those around them,” said Otto.

“Since the beginning of October, we have witnessed an increase of 120% in new active COVID-19 cases for the Kannaland area, followed by 80% in Bitou and 65% in Mossel Bay areas,” he added.

“The GRDM urges residents in these areas to stay vigilant and to adhere to the five golden rules of good hygiene,” concluded Otto.

SkyNews reported today that a man from the United States of America got infected for a second time. “Doctors said the man needed hospital treatment after his lungs deteriorated during the second infection, which was much worse than the first,” SkyNews reported.

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Pictured: Gerhard Otto, Manager: Disaster Management, Garden Route District Municipality

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