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Why SayPro Crowdfunding

There is about 10 billion people on Social Media that are willing to give to your organisation. They do not know how. This is the reason why SayPro is there to connect you with your donors to give to you.

SayPro is changing the world of Fundraising

Most Fundraisers write 10 proposals per month and none get responded to by their donors. SayPro and other organisations are frustrated by this long waiting period. Why not ask for funds from friends.

SayPro Fundraising Portal is safe and secure

You understand your needs. Why not list them here and ask your friends, families, networks and your connections on Social Media to give to you any amount so that you can cover your daily expenses or projects needs.

See why you need SayPro Fundraising and Crowdfunding

Ask for anything on SayPro

Whether you are raising funds for a child, for things you are short of.

Share on Social Media and WhatsApp

You then share the link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp every day on your status message.

Receive donations and withdraw

People make donations to you through SayPro then you withdraw anytime from R500 or $40. The money is paid into your bank account.

Here is how SayPro Fundraising works

Register once and access your Fundraising database

All you have to do is visit and click on Fundraise then you will be able to create your campaigns.

Create many SayPro Fundraising Campaigns to get many chances

The more you create campaigns for your organisation. The more people will want to give.

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Manage them, update and change

If your campaigns are not making enough you can still go in and change the campaign.

Let us start fundraising now

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