Fish Farming Certification

Did you know that growing fishes and sale for business requires you to have Fish Farming certification.

At Southern Africa Youth Business we go an extra mile to find out how you can get Fish Farming certification  from your national, district and local authority.

Our Fish Farming Certification includes:

  • Site Audit: We will do a virtual site audit. This can be done using your cell phone with video camera on. We will also require pictures of the location.
  • Documents Preparation: We will prepare all the documents they will require for the site visit.
  • Fish Farming Certification Application: We will do the application on your behalf including payment of fees and delivery of documentations.
  • Preparation for Site Visit: We prepare you to fix any errors that may make you loose licensing.
  • Site Visit Representation: We will present on your behalf with the local authority  and answer all the questions they may have.

For more information and a quote. Send an email to or WhatsApp to +27843137407

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