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It is very important for you give your Aquaculture Fish Farming Nutrition that is correct

The mistake that most fish farmers make is to give their fishes nutrition that is not healthy and not previously tested.

We have observed farmers feeding their fishes dog food, some would give them left over food from the kitchen, corn flakes, cooked rice and cheap feed from the feed store.

There are 2 questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. Do you care about hygiene?
  2. Are you breeding to sell or to reproduce?

On Hygiene

Many fish farmers have one of the worst build ponds that do not clean themselves well.

Imagine you throwing dog food in the pond. The fish only eats a little of that.

The rest goes straight down in to the floor of your pond.

Then the water gets dirty because of flakes and remaining poop.

Your fish will certainly get infection from the left over food and the poop on the ground.

Your pond will start to have a certain smell and your fishes will eventually die one by one.

On breeding for sale or reproduction

If you are growing your fish for sale:

It is important to ensure that you follow the feeding guides and the feed suitable to ensure that you feed from fry feed, then to all the stages of feed from powder to large pellets.

Here you will be able to grow your fishes faster and able to meet the demands of your buying customers.

Here you can feed from 1 to 3 times per day

If you want your fish to reproduce:

You need to treat them like babies.

The food they eat must be special, quality and must be able to give them enough nutrients to fight diseases and strong bones to allow them to produce at a higher rate.

As they have to make more babies do not be afraid to buy expensive quality feed. As this will give strong nutrients for them.

You must also ensure that they are in a clean plan.

Avoid over feeding as they may be fat and it may affect their reproduction rate.

Treat them like babies.

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