Financial Literacy Program

Our Financial Literacy Program prepares and allows the youth to learn from their mistakes about managing money

Working with the Banking Sector, Financial Management, Insurance Sector we have provided the Financial Literacy Program to over 1Million youth in Africa. Our program has been made possible with their support.

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To know about our Financial Literacy Program answer these questions

  • Are you owing a bank, machonisa, loan shack or a gang money because you could not pay the money they borrowed you?
  • Are you fearing for your life because you could loose your house, car, furniture, cell phone or anything you have.
  • Are you no longer free, stressed and confused.
  • Have you lost a job because you were angry.
  • Well you have a Financial Literacy problem. Get help with Southern Africa Youth Project.

Lessons Learnt about Money?

Money is recognized as a blessing and a curse. This is young people in cities, townships and rural areas.

Who receives money and waste it then later regret but avoid by saying they enjoyed themselves.

This later presents them with more and bigger challenges in life as they got into debt when they were still young and then they become blacklisted and depressed.

This can be a challenge at a later stage as they will not be able to get a home loan, car finance or get a job.

As some companies do verify and do credit checks. If they find out that the client has been blacklisted they may not hire or dismiss the employee.

At Southern Africa Youth Project and Academy we present Financial Literacy Program to over 1 Million African youth in Africa.

We do this partnership with corporate organizations and the donor community.

Why the need for the Financial Literacy Program?

  • Over 80% have confirmed to have misused their money and regretted later.
  • Almost 99% do not know they have a financial Literacy problem until they become part of our program.
  • Over 50% have lost their jobs because they felt their income was not enough and employers were not paying them sufficient.
  • Over 70% have confirmed that they are into debt and have been blacklisted.
  • They need debt counseling to consolidate many of their debts.
  • Over 60% have confirmed that they need counseling as they are depressed.
  • Over 60% have confirmed to have lost their relationships because they could not afford any more.

How you can benefit from this program?

  • Visit and register yourself for the program.
  • The program may be free when a sponsor is available otherwise a small fee may be charged.
  • You will learn how to manage your personal finances.
  • You will learn skills on what can be bad and what can go wrong in your life.
  • You will be asked questions to reflect on what you have been doing.
  • You will also be able to see videos and interactions that shows you why Financial Literacy Program is important for you.

Why partner with Southern Africa Youth Project?

  • We work with over 500 non profit organizations servicing over 500 000 young people every day.
  • We reach real people with real stories.
  • We publish their stories and how the Financial Literacy Program has helped them.
  • We report on time on all the activities implemented by the organisation.
  • We publish you as the sponsor of the program.
  • If you already have content we use it in our implementation.
  • Your tool your rules

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