Exam time, as 15 young people sit in for a Point of Sale Test.

We equip young people with technical skills at are needed in the workplace.

For more than a century the unemployment rate has been increasing by more than 37% yearly and the shortage of skilled workers has been one of the contributing factors to this socio-economic issue.

Southern Africa Youth Project has developed an empowerment program called “Poverty2Jobs” were young people are taken through a series of accredited training programs where they are trained in skills that match the jobs available within the job market and this enhances that chances of getting and sustaining jobs.

The driving force of SayPro’s management and team has managed to place more that 80% of young people that have gone through the “Porvety2Jobs” model.

This is how we “change the way young people think about themselves”.

Call: 011 071 1903/info@southernafricayouth.org

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