Employee Absenteeism Analysis

Employee Absenteeism Analysis

Did you know that they may cheat on your Company use our Employee Absenteeism Analysis

Southern Africa Youth Project has noticed that over 60% of employees are cheating their employers saying that they are not well. They become absent attending their personal affairs or sometime they are irritated by their supervisors.

At Southern Africa Youth Project we get deeper to understand why your employees are absent. We provide you with concrete proof which you can use against the employees or their supervisors.

Our Employee Absenteeism Analysis includes:

  • Private investigations when absenteeism are reported.
  • Conduct one on one analysis to find out the problem.
  • One on discussion with your employees.
  • Conducting surveys and reporting back to the employer on findings.
  • Conduct disciplinary advisory and participation on behalf of employers.
  • This is also important even during when employees works from home.
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Partner with us to manage your Employee Absenteeism Analysis by sending an email to info@southernafricayouth.org

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