Employee 24 Hours Support

Take advantage with our Employee 24 Support in Emergencies.

Southern Africa Youth Project partners with government departments, corporates and non-profit organisations providing 24 Hours Support in Emergencies.

Our Work in 24 Hours Support includes:

  • Pick up of employees from their home to a local emergency facility.
  • Doctor support for all your employees.
  • Liaison and pre-booking at a private Hospital.
  • Doctor Consultation to do follow up on the employee.
  • Weekly and daily check ups on the employee progress.
  • Supply and delivery of extra care resources such as flowers, medications, fruits and beverages not provided by the hospitals.
  • On the road support for employees to ensure smooth transition and their safety.
  • Telephone counselling and support to your employees.
Girl sleeping with sickness on the bed
Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project on your Employee Wellness Programme by sending an email to info@southernafricayouth.org

See our work on Employee 24 Hour Support in Emergencies

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