It is critical that all work done is fully documented as part of the system of data centre inventory management. This will record all additions or changes made to cabling and networks in the data centre. While the documentation needs to be supplied by the contractor who has installed the cabling, it needs to be ‘owned’ and updated by data centre staff.

There is no set time that a process of network installation should take. For each individual project there are different requirements, different local conditions and considerations. Yet the process can be made easier and quicker through completing as much of it as possible before the equipment reaches the data centre. And by using the installation process to ensure that sufficient allowance is made for future installation requirements and through the proper management of the project once completed, this will mean that installing network equipment should get easier. But as with all other aspects of cabling in the data centre, the direct flow of decision making from overall strategy through the technical expertise of manufacturers and consultants will ensure the installation process meets required outcomes.

The system installation must be documented and be available in paper and machine readable formats detailing:

Ø Cabling schematics,

Ø Cable records,

Ø As installed drawings noting the location of all floor outlets and their circuit identifier, all cable runs to be marked on these drawings,

Ø Copper and fibre Cable test results,

Ø Patch schedules,

Ø Patch frame/cabinet layouts.

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