Digital Technology Skills Program

Southern Africa Youth Project is dedicated to providing Digital Technology Skills for unemployed Youth.

Southern Africa Youth Project has conducted a baseline study or research to find out what are the challenges or what is blocking the youth from not finding employment.

From the study conducted we have noticed that those who have just completed high school and university find it difficult for them to stay in employment. This is because they do not have the skills to operate in the business or government environment.

Studying Life Insurance Policy

What is Digital Technology Skills?

What challenges are out there?

Southern Africa Youth Project has found out that there are millions of youth who have failed interviews because they could not present themselves practically at work. When they give them an interview they require them to also show what are they going to do in the first month.

Southern Africa Youth Project recruited much youth and sent them to employers with a hope that employers will hire them.

To our surprise 2 months later after we have placed them they are back to Southern Africa Youth Project looking for another job.

Some employers would dismiss them without telling them the reason for such dismissal.

What did we do?

We established the Digital Technology Skills programs which bridge the gap for employers to hire the youth with basic skills. So that employers do not have to waste 6 months trying to train our youth. They can now train them in 3 days and the youth can start being productive.

For how long do we run them?
They are run between 5 days and 12 months.

Who qualifies for them?

How much is the program

What programs do we have?

  • Program in Computer Literacy
  • Program in Business Administration
  • Program in Hospitality
    Program in Point of Sale
  • Program in Entrepreneurship Education 
  • Program in Web design and e-commerce
  • Program in Technical Support
  • Program in Systems Support
  • Program in Information Programming

Who qualifies

  • Youth between the age of 18-35. If 35 it should be before you complete you are 35.
  • Be located in areas where we have a presence.
    Otherwise, you can access the programs online.
  • You must have a valid secondary school certificate or statement of result.
  • A valid Identity document or birth certificate or permit or passport.
  • You must have a Curriculum Vitae CV

The Cost of Programmes

  • If you go to our community centres it is free.
  • If you do the program online you will pay between R2 000 and R10 000 per program.

Our Partners and donors

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Life skills program

Providing ICT Skills for unemployed youth

Southern Africa Youth Project provides ICT skills to more than 1 500 employed youth annually. Partner with Southern Africa Youth Project and help empower unemployed youth with digital skills. simply visit: More than six out of 10 youth cannot get jobs because they lack the necessary skills needed by employers within the jobs market,

Southern Africa Youth Project Sustainable Development Goals

Addressing youth unemployment for UN SDG in 2030

In Southern Africa, we have a high number of unemployed youth who remains to be hopeless. We see only a few people who are working. The quality of both secondary and tertiary education is very poor. Despite teachers and lecturers getting paid regular market price salaries. Why is youth unemployment so high when there are

Step up and make a difference

Step up and make a difference

We invite you to step up and make a difference in the lives of youth. Southern Africa Youth Project strives to achieve the United Nations Sustanable Development Goal 4 to address education and Goal 8 to enable young people to access decent jobs. We cannot do this if you do not step up and make

We partner with government departments to make an impact

Rebecca Maapola – Administration Manager Southern Africa Youth Project Southern Africa youth project its a non profit organisation registered for accreditation with Mict seta. Saypro founded by Neftaly Malatjie from 2005 to develop and change the life of youth from being in the street doing nothing and give them the skills in Life skills, technical

SayPro strive to provide such excellence

When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience, it takes volumes. And so I would like to request a small favour a testimonial that will give others a sense of the experience and services that we offer at Southern Africa Youth Project. Whether it’s a recommendation for life skills, computer training or work

We have managed to help 5% of our youth to start businesses

Puluko Nkiwane – Former Student Communications Officer – Southern Africa Youth Project   Southern Africa Youth Project has managed to train more than 3000 Youth in skills development programs since 2015 to unemployment youth to change the way they think about themselves, so of them, they lost hope. We offered life skills, hospitality, and digital

Youth Skills to Succeed Program

Providing 1Million youth with Skills to Succeed Program Southern Africa Youth Project partnered with corporates, Government Departments and Non-Profit Organisations in Africa. As a leading youth development and empowerment organisation in Africa. We have been leading in the implementation of Youth Skills to Succeed Program. The Youth Skills to Succeed Program includes: Provision of Personal

The future of work is technology

It feels like we know the people we chat and post to on chatrooms. Did you know that in future you will hold this phone and still be working? Whilst lying on the couch watching your favourite movies. Yes, times have changed. The 08:00 – 16:00 jobs are coming to an end. You will be

Life skills program

Over 172 youth received the Life Skills and Technology Skills

Who: Describe the target group of people equipped with skills (“beneficiaries”) The program has benefitted young women, high school students and people with disabilities. They are aged 18 – 35 both genders Segment: Use the Outcome Framework Employment outcome Framework Job seekers   We have trained 310 and placed 172   55% have been absorbed

We share our Digital Technology Skills statistics Aug 2018 – Jun 2019

Please see our Digital Technology Skills Statistics from 1 August 2018 – 20 June 2019 SAYPRO SA: 2018/8/1 – 2019/6/20 INDICATOR Female Male Total 01. Beneficiaries serviced 1286 521 1807 04. Beneficiaries who received proof of residency 8 3 11 05. Beneficiaries who get Child Support Grant 164 3 167 06. Beneficiaries who have an

We have empowered 2 821 youth in Digital Technology Skills in 2019

Inputs Who: Describe target group of people equipped with skills (“beneficiaries”) Southern Africa Youth Project works with unemployed young people between the ages of 18 – 35 who are coming from disadvantaged rural areas and townships of South Africa. Majority of  our beneficiaries have either Rural immigrants who came from rural villages to the neighbouring

Male and female executives discussing over digital tablet in modern office

We share our overall experience in Digital Technology Skills

Southern Africa Youth Project is proud to report that this year’s implementation of Skills2Succeed. It has been both unusual and challenging for us as an institution. Our team and client’s clients have benefited a lot from the Skills2Succeed Succeed. The team has developed new skills that are contributing a lot towards the growth of the

What has worked on our Skills Development Program

What has worked particularly well in your Skills2Succeed Southern Africa Youth Project herewith extends its gratitude to Accenture for their continued support to assist the team in implementing Skills2Succeed. Sharon has provided fantastic support to the team towards ensuring that we are up to date with our targets. It was challenging to run the Skills2Succeed

Youth Programmes in South Africa

Ever wondered if there are Youth Programmes in South Africa. Yes, at Southern Africa Youth Project we bridge the gap between unemployment and employment for youth in South Africa. Young people in cities, townships and rural areas visits our branch and online e-learning website to learn and access different opportunities offered out there. This is

This is a Computer Training Program clients after the program

Southern Africa Youth Project has managed to provide a computer program for 130 beneficiaries in PC Basics, MS Word, Outlook, Excel and Outlook. Our computer course is aimed at building knowledge and skills required by our Youth in End User Computing. It is intended to empower youth to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to

Our youth fixing computers after participating in the Technical Support Program

fixing computers About Southern Africa Youth Project Southern Africa Youth Project provides marketing managers, owners, founders, fundraisers an opportunity to subscribe monthly from as little as $16 per month or R300 You can get opportunities such as tenders, funding opportunities, jobs, learnerships, internships, fellowships, and scholarships. Other opportunities are available free of no charge. You

Technical Support Program preparing young people to be computer and smartphone repairers

Technical Support Program About Southern Africa Youth Project Southern Africa Youth Project provides marketing managers, owners, founders, fundraisers an opportunity to subscribe monthly from as little as $16 per month or R300 You can get opportunities such as tenders, funding opportunities, jobs, learnerships, internships, fellowships, and scholarships. Other opportunities are available free of no charge.

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