Different types of article writing strategies

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There are different types of article writing strategies we apply at SayPro

When writing for SayPro you need to understand that there are different types of article writing strategies. We have consistently done so. However we welcome new ways of Article writing.

Here are the different types of Article Writing Strategies:

  • Success Story: SayPro shares success stories of its current beneficiaries, alumni, what they have been doing with us, how they are progressing and celebrating their achievements.
  • Daily happenings: SayPro shares daily happenings. This includes who is at SayPro sites, who is participating in SayPro programmes. THis may be in groups on for individuals.
  • Problem Solver: Here you share articles on SayPro being the solution to worlds or Africa’s challenges. How we are solving and addressing on the ground.
  • Professionals: SayPro shares
  • Achievements: SayPro shares its achievements such as awards, recognition, performance on the ground.
  • Our work: SayPro shares its work, how it is an expert, how it is solving  and addressing the problems on the ground.
  • Learning: SayPro shares articles on challenges and problems that are happening and how young people, parents, communities and governments can be able to solve those issues on the ground.
  • More ways: You are allowed to share more ways.

Happy writing.

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