SayPro Courses Overview

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SayPro provides over 40 Qualifications and 450 Online Courses.

Our Focus areas are in

  • National Certificates and Learnerships
  • Faculty of Community Development and Humanities Studies FCDHS
  • Faculty of Education Studies FOES
  • Faculty of  Government Studies
  • Faculty of Advertising, Marketing, and Social Media Studies FAMS
  • Faculty of Security and Policing Studies FSPS
  • Faculty of Science and Technology FIST
  • Faculty of Computer Studies FCS
  • Faculty of Language and Communication Studies FLCS
  • Faculty of Economics and Accounting Studies FEAS
  • Faculty of Business Management Studies FBMS
  • Faculty of Life Skills and Team Studies FLSTS
  • Faculty of Online Design and Programming Studies
  • Faculty of Research and Leadership Studies FRSLS
  • Faculty of Health and Pharmaceutical Studies FHPS

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