Construction of fish farm

Are you thinking of building a Fish Farm in your area?

Southern Africa Youth Business is the lead in Africa when it comes to building Fish Farms.

We offer the following services:

  • Training on Fish Farming both theory (30%) and practicals (70%)
  • Building the Fish Ponds and dams from scratch.
  • Supplying your Fish Farm with fingerlings (fish babies) for breeding (for you to grow)
  • Supply you with all fish farm health and safety equipments.
  • Consult for you to get permit to import, breed, release fish from dams and sell the fishes.
  • Advisory, coaching and Mentorship to emerging and expanding fish farmers.

We have a dedicated team of executives, lecturers and advisors who are available to support you.

To get more information about building fish farm send an email to or send a WhatsApp to +27843137407.

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