We are now a Certified Fish Farming Producer

We are now a Certified Fish Farming Producer

Southern Africa Youth Project began its Certified Fish Farming in 2019 after an intensive 3 years training provided to its founder Neftaly Malatjie.

Neftaly Malatjie is now a Certified Fish Farming Producer with a fish farming licence since 2019.

Our certification means that we are now permitted to:

  • Import fishies from across the globe.
  • Provide training to entrepreneurs who have an interest in fish farming.
  • Catch fish from the dams.
  • Release the fish into our fish farming ponds.
  • Sell the fishes to the general public or distribution units.

Southern Africa Youth Project is so excited by this accreditation and certification awarded to Neftaly Malatjie.

It will allow us as an institution or organisation to provide fishes to the ecosystem.

To partner or find out more about this click on the chat button on this page or alternately send an email to info@southernafricayouth.org

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