Neftaly Malatjie
CEO: Southern Africa Youth Project

To all former beneficiaries, parents and companies that may have employed our beneficiaries.

I Neftaly Malatjie, CEO, Southern Africa Youth Project have conducted internal investigations, monitoring and evaluation to check if correct procedures were followed by our staff members.

To my findings we have noticed that staff members have:

  1. Not captured beneficiaries into our database system.
  2. Issued certificates without capturing beneficiaries into respective SETAs.
  3. Issued certificates without prior approval from the SETAs.
  4. Have endorsed beneficiaries whom others were not competent.

We therefore invite all former beneficiaries to come forward with the certificates or their information so that we can be able to rectify such information.

We have therefore dismissed all employees who have conducted such confusions. Further investigations are still conducted and those that are implicated will be taken through the courts of law.

Companies or beneficiaries with such information will be appreciated if they can come forward.


Neftaly Malatjie

CEO: Southern Africa Youth Project