CEO Report 2016

Southern Africa Youth Project has walked a long journey where we have seen ourselves changing how we do things. The reason for that is we are young, we want to move on with time.

In our leadership, we have always been asked by the team the following questions:

  • What is the future of the organization in these tough economic times?
  • How do we find ourselves in the next 10 years?
  • Technology is transforming every day. How do we keep up with the pressure?
  • We operate in communities which are risky in terms of crime and poverty. What if they break in and take away the technology that we use?
We at Southern Africa Youth Project have embarked on a strategy where we want to enable Girls and Youth to use technology for their advancement. The whole aim behind this is to ensure that girls are fully equipped with knowledge and skills to use the ever-changing technology. We could not have done this without the support of the government departments, corporate businesses and individuals who have contributed time, money and resources. We would like to acknowledge the staff and volunteers of Southern Africa Youth Project who have spent all the year meeting the youth who have gone into our programs by sharing the skills, knowledge, the vision. We could have not done it without them. We would also like to thank the board who have contributed with challenging the executive management to ensure that they stick to the vision, they innovate, and they are sustainable. Southern Africa Youth Project is very grateful to all of you and we are happy to present this report which will give you more information on how we have performed in this financial year. Regards Neftaly Malatjie Founder and CEO Southern Africa Youth Project
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Meet our CEO

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