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Welcome to the CEO Desk I am Neftaly Malatjie

Southern Africa Youth Project is a company dedicated to providing solutions for the youth working with Companies, government institutions and the donor community.

Driving this machine can be tiring and irritating as you need to fix it as well.

When crafting this institution we had to answer 3 questions

  • What are the problems out there: We have realised that in cities, townships and rural areas many young people faces lots of difficulties. They need solutions especially in fighting unemployment.
  • How do we solve them: We need to solve the problem of unemployment by looking at other issues that exists that may affect us in reaching the goal. Solving that issue we need to look at a job-seeker, employer and the law maker.
  • Who do we need: We are calling donors, government departments, international donors and corporates to join us in addressing Africa’s youth development challenges.

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Neftaly Malatjie

Neftaly Malatjie

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Reporting to the government departments and international organisations on our work in contribution to national and international goals.

Our work contributes to National and International Goals Southern Africa Youth Project does not work alone. As our work contributes to the National and International Organisations. Southern Africa Youth Project reporting is as follows: Local Reporting: Southern Africa Youth Project operates in townships, cities and rural areas. Therefore We report to the Chiefs, Traditional Leaders, Kingdoms,

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To partner with Southern Africa Youth Project Please send an email to or call us at + 27 11 071 1903 Distance or online courses and qualifications click here To apply for jobs click here Make a donation now click here Partner, fund and give a grant click here Company Registration Services click here

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CEO Report 2013

The year 2012/13 was a remarkable learning experience for the organization where we saw transformation and development. It was a year where many dreams were achieved for our beneficiaries. Where our beneficiaries were sharing how the projects have and are still changing their lives. It was a truly “helping-the youth-help-themselves” moment. The organization team and

CEO Report

We are proud to present the CEO Reports for all Financial Years. In this section will be publishing all the Southern Africa Youth Project – CEO Reports by Neftaly Malatjie for quarters and the full annual reports. Our CEO reports includes: Annual CEO Report: The CEO will be reporting on the Annual Performance. Quarterly Reports:

CEO Report 2019

We are proud to submit the CEO Report 2019 To the Bishop, Pastors, Government Officials, Political Leadership, Civil Society to our staff and beneficiaries of Southern Africa Youth Project. To all of you, I greet you in our Zionist way of “Kgotso ae be le lena (peace be with you)”. 2018 – 2019 Financial Year

CEO Report 2020

Speech by Neftaly Malatjie on the CEO Report 2020 To the Bishop, Pastors, The Board, Advisory Committees, All Southern Africa Youth Project Structures, Committees, Trustees, Directors, Senior Management, Programme Staff, Administrative Staff, our partners, leaders of civil society organisations, members of Southern Africa Youth Project and members of other organisations. To all of you I

CEO Report 2015

Southern Africa Youth Project has travelled a long way since its founding in 2005; we have seen a number of youth who have changed the way they think about themselves. This was in line with the founder’s vision when he said “we strive to change the way the youth think about themselves and their communities”

CEO Report 2016

Southern Africa Youth Project has walked a long journey where we have seen ourselves changing how we do things. The reason for that is we are young, we want to move on with time. In our leadership, we have always been asked by the team the following questions: What is the future of the organization

CEO Report 2017

As the founder of Southern Africa Youth Project I would like to send our most profound appreciation and gratitude to:  The youth who participated in our programs have shown massive support by participating, giving feedback, contributing voluntarily to the ongoing work that Southern Africa Youth Project has. We have seen them giving their time by

Our History and Founder

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