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SayPro Capacity Building for Staff plays a major role in addressing the gaps that are found by employers.

SayPro understands very well that staff plays a major role in the growth and the development of the company. Any company that does not put its employees as priority it stands out to be a complete failure and its future cannot be visualised.

SayPro works with individual entrepreneurs, partnerships, businesses, non-profit organisations and government departments in their Capacity Building for their staff.

SayPro identifies the needs and tailor make face to face and online training programmes to ensure that your staff are fully capacitated to improve productivity and reduce work related challenges.

Take a look at what SayPro Capacity Building for Staff can do for you:

  • SayPro improves productivity: When employees are fully trained they stand a better chance to be productive and yield better results for your company.
  • SayPro builds Cultures: Each family is unique so is your institution. SayPro will train your staff members to remind them on the culture you are building whilst chieveing your final goal.
  • SayPro trainings are flexible: SayPro will provide trainings to your staff virtually or online or through face to face you do not have to worry that your employees will leave the company and production will stop.
  • SayPro manages training whilst looking at productivity: As an employer you do not have to worry that your employees will leave your factory and you will be stuck. SayPro will manage each group ensuring that there is a balance between productivity and training.


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