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SayPro provides training and Capacity Building for District and Local Municipalities globally.

SayPro complies with the Skills Development Act and provides Human Resources sections training and skills development and employees.

Working with the Human Resource Department, SayPro ensures that it sources strategies established for repetitive commodities ensuring that the municipalities can meet their strategic objectives and mission.

SayPro provides and equips all the departments within the municipalities, and the training is aligned to their job description.

SayPro develops an integrated human resource strategy

SayPro develops and runs with a strategic approach to human resources, which includes developing and implementing the Human Resource Strategy as per the Local Government Association Resolution.

SayPro Organisational Development and Work-Study

Provision of organizational development support, which include doing a thorough Work-Study investigation and report on how best the Municipality can structure the functions. SayPro meets the requirements and has relevant qualification on Work-study / organizational development matters. SayPro has extensive experience of more than 20 years in Organizational Development and Work-study.

SayPro Training and Development

SayPro provides training to all officials as and when needed in line with Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), including the SKILLS Audit exercise. SayPro is accredited with various SETAs and the QCTO and or other relevant SETA’S, and has done training in the Municipal Environment or relevant Sectors for at least more than 5 years, and has extensive experience in the implementation of the Skills Development Act, SKILLS Development Levies Act, and National SKILLS Strategy.

SayPro Consultants are accredited with the relevant professional bodies and relevant SETA, e.g. LGSETA, CONSTRUCTION SETA, MICT SETA, SERVICES SETA,

SayPro also specializes in MFMA Courses registered with National Treasury on Competency Levels.

SayPro Training and Development is at a higher level

SayPro understands the Municipal Systems Improvement Grant (MSIG) / SKILLS AUDIT Organizational review / Work-Study

SayPro can provide a detailed work programme with a start and end date.

In the execution of this appointment, SayPro consults/liaise with various parties such as key stakeholders; and other parties/groups as recommended by the client in its work.

SayPro comprises a multi-disciplinary team managed by a SayPro. The team members have both the SKILLS and experience necessary to undertake the range of tasks set out in these terms of reference. Each individual on the team is personally available to do the work as and when required.SayPro takes full accountability, in terms of the appointment, for ensuring project deliverables and for the professional conduct and integrity of the team.

Email: Tel/WhatsApp: + 27 84 313 7407

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