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Our Business Model for Development

SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project will act as a leader in developing profitable income streams for the organisation to enable it to serve the interests of its organisations.

As a development Organisation and an institution we have generated a lot of lessons, skills and attributes at the beginning of our operations which has led us to develop a business model which will contribute to the organisations self reliance.

The model includes creating projects which will be sold at a fee, project management consultancy, selling products and services at a membership rates that will cover the operations and the sustainability of each business model.

The Business Model for Sustainability

As Southern Africa Youth Project has stipulated under its Sustainability Strategy it mentioned that it will align to environmental, institutional, financial and programmes sustainability.

Therefore, SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project has created a model for sustainability to ensure that we achieve the above mentioned sustainability strategies.

The organisation cannot do this alone with relying on funding. However, it needs to create revenue generating models and operate like a fully fledged business to ensure that it continues to serve its target market and continue to make the impact.

The CEO, Neftaly Malatjie has emphasized that the organisation needs to revisit its founding goal which is to establish an organisation that will have many businesses which contributes to the development of communities.

Partnership with Funders achieving the business model

SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project would like to be seen as a partner rather than a beneficiary. How do we see ourselves doing this. We see ourselves presenting the organisation in a manner that partners will trust.

SayPro Southern Africa Youth Project presents itself as a partner rather than a beneficiary. Therefore, when organisations contributes or partner with Southern Africa Youth Project they must understand that they are contributing to a partner at a level the same as theirs.

Southern Africa Youth Project will emphasize this with all its partners to understand that no organisation or institution is above the other. We are partners contributing to the same mission.

Collaboration in Business Models

Should SayPro Southern Africa Youth project feels that it needs to collaborate with partners in the form of shareholding, investment and equity building.

The organisation will collaborate with partners who will enable the organisation to achieve its missions and objectives. We collaboration as key in achieving our business model.

Southern Africa Youth Project invites anyone who wishes to partner, collaborate to communicate with the CEO above.

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