Southern Africa Youth Project Vote for your Favourite Environmental Initiative

Yes, we know that sustainability is important to you when it comes to the environment. But do you know how? SayPro brings together some of your favorite sustainable projects and initiatives in one place. Join us as we spread awareness about these organizations and help them grow so they can make a difference. SayPro encompasses […]

Southern Africa Youth Project Nonprofit organization plans to release comprehensive report

SayPro is on a mission to make the youth of Southern Africa more aware of their rights and responsibilities. Through its media initiatives and social impact programs, SayPro helps young people understand their rights, stand up for themselves, and make a difference in their community. Recently, the nonprofit organization has announced that it will be […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project model empowered to give

Africa is known for its vast diversity, and this diversity has been a source of great pride for South Africans. It’s no different with the youth, who see the world through a lens of fairness, justice and equality. SayPro: an initiative that aims to make young people in Africa aware of their rights and responsibilities […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Getting a Non Profit Started

SayPro, a non-profit organization that aims to provide young people with a sustainable livelihood in the agricultural sector is all set to take off. It wants to create opportunities for youth in the region so as to reduce poverty. The project will teach young adults modern agriculture skills with an emphasis on sustainability while also […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project How philanthropy can nurture your research

As a researcher, you’re always on the lookout for new data to help you take your research forward. While there are many avenues available that can give you access to this data, SayPro is one of them. SayPro is an initiative that aims at helping young researchers and budding scholars in their field of study […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project NPO gives a helping hand in breaking the cycle of poverty

Poverty isn’t just an issue of the past. It has become an ever-increasing problem today, and it’s still going on in certain countries. You may have read about it in newspapers or perhaps watched a documentary on TV, but you might not have realized that poverty is still prevalent there! Not only does poverty affect […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project non-profit charity is looking for remote volunteers

SayPro is a non-profit charity that aims to help improve the lives of children in Africa. SayPro provides aid and support to children, who are often the most vulnerable members of society. Due to poverty and war, many are without access to education and healthcare; when they do have these opportunities, it is often at […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Community Services

Youth in your neighborhood have been asking for support. What do you mean? You don’t know the SayPro story yet, do you? SayPro is a community service program that helps youth live a better life by providing services and opportunities. The way SayPro works is simple: young people ask for help, we help them with […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Edtech not for profit organisation

Edtech is the future of education, and SayPro’s vision is to create an environment where students are inspired and thrive in their learning journey. The youth project aims at providing quality education to underprivileged children through innovative teaching methods and technology. Through SayPro, students learn things beyond the classroom, improving their life skills along the […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Non-profit organization responds

What if there was a service that provided emotional, mental, and spiritual support to young people in South Africa? How would you feel about it? We think it’s an amazing idea, so we decided to make one. And so SayPro was born. SayPro is a non-profit organization that responds to the needs of young people […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Non profit organisations continue to push

The SayPro Non-profit organisations continue to push to improve the lives of children in need. We work with communities and government to ensure that every child has access to quality education and opportunities for a bright future. Our vision is a world where all children can reach their full potential – no matter who they […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Non-profit aims to get students reading

Don’t let education be a casualty of poverty. SayPro is out to change that perception. The non-profit organization works with schools in South Africa and has helped impart literacy skills to more than 200,000 students so far. With its unique approach of pairing local volunteers with high school students, SayPro encourages the latter to join […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project moving forward on non-profit development group

The Youth Project is a non-profit, youth development company that aims to bridge the gap between the world of work and society by ambitiously providing quality jobs that can help improve the lives of young people. SayPro believes in developing the individuals and not just their skills in order to make them thrive in their […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Community briefs

We are proud to say that the SayPro story has begun in South Africa. Through SayPro, the youth of South Africa and especially the youth communities in townships have been given a voice and an opportunity to change society for the better. As we speak, we are seeing thousands of young people engaging with SayPro’s […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Dealing with the challenges of transitions

You’ve probably realized by now that life changes can be tough, and you may be wondering what SayPro can do to help. We understand how hard it is to change your mind and make a move when everything seems to be working out just fine where you are. That’s why we’re committed to providing skills […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project non-profit celebrates 30th anniversary with concert series

SayPro launched 30 years ago as a celebration of the richness and diversity of Southern Africa. Now, this global movement has sold over 90 million copies in 55 countries and celebrated its 30th anniversary with a series of concerts, workshops and events across the continent. If you know what SayPro is all about, then why […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Community Organization Gathers to Plan Projects for Veterans

In the name of Salve, SayPro is back! The youth-led community organization is kicking off its second year and has a lot to look forward to. This time, the organizers are planning projects for veterans in our region. SayPro aims to empower young people by providing opportunities and education. Through their various programs, they aim […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project How Non-Profit Organizations Make Money: Fundraising Events, Grants

There’s a need for youth empowerment, and there’s SayPro. This non-profit organization has come up with a stunning idea to change the world for the better. SayPro encourages youth participation in setting up projects that will make their lives better, and changing their perspective about life through community service. By doing so, they are contributing […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project raising awareness and donations

When you’re going to do something, do it with your whole heart and soul. This is how young South African Oli Mokotjie felt when he decided to start the SayPro project. The aim was simple: raise awareness and donations for a cause he believes in deeply – youth development in Southern Africa. To get you […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Housing non-profit breaks ground on first new home in years

After years of waiting, SayPro is finally breaking ground on its first new housing project in years. The new 20-unit building represents a huge step forward for the organization, which has been helping to improve living conditions for millions of people living below the poverty line in Southern Africa. SayPro’s approach is both efficient and […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Housing non-profit breaks ground on first new home in years

With a fresh face, SayPro Housing hopes to change the lives of young men and women in need of housing. On Saturday, the non-profit broke ground on its first new home in years – and it couldn’t be more fitting for its cause. With a focus on giving youth a chance at living a stable […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Local non-profit children service provider

Sometimes, we all need someone to lean on. That’s why SayPro has been there for children like you in South Africa since 1998. We offer a range of services, including therapy, education and counseling. But what sets us apart is our commitment to the kids – we know how hard it can be being away […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Non-profit Grieving Mothers Against Murders taking steps to stop gun violence

Grieving mothers from South Africa have come together to take action against gun violence. SayPro, a non-profit organization, has launched a campaign called ‘Stop the killing.’ This dauntless group is determined to stop the spread of weapons that are fuelling crimes in the country. They will also work towards registering firearm owners so that they […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Best Voluntary Organisations near me

When it comes to giving back, we believe that everything’s possible. For this reason, we’ve partnered with SayPro, a youth-led organisation that supports local initiatives across South Africa. Through their network of volunteers, SayPro helps people and organisations in need by providing them with the support they need. By working together with these volunteers and […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project audit year-end financials for volunteer non profit

How can you make your nonprofit’s year end report beautiful and more importantly, accurate? SayPro is here to help! We offer a number of services that will make your nonprofit look polished and professional. From logo design to printing, we have it covered. But just because we do things the right way doesn’t mean we’re […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Applying performance management practices within non-profit sport organisations

We can all agree that working in a team is not easy. But, when athletes (or any other sportsperson) have to manage many stakeholders and contribute towards the growth of their organisation, it’s even more difficult. That’s where SayPro comes in! SayPro is a performance management practice that ensures organisations achieve results by aligning their […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Vulnerable people falling victim to financial abuse

It is disheartening to see how people can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous elements every day. What’s even more shocking is that such crimes are happening right under our nose, and there is little we can do about it. But SayPro has stepped in to stop these criminals from ruining lives with shady deals […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Gives covers life-saving care provided by the shelter

SayPro Gives is a comprehensive health insurance plan providing life-saving care to the approximately 60 million people living in poverty throughout sub-Saharan Africa. With SayPro, you can be assured that if something goes wrong, you will receive quality healthcare. And because SayPro covers more than just healthcare, it also provides financial support for housing and […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Wetlands deserve a law specifically for their conservation, urbanisation

The SayPro Wetlands are our heritage, but they’re being rapidly urbanised and degraded. We need to protect these wetlands and other important freshwater systems that make up the southern Africa’s biodiversity. The SayPro Wetlands deserve a law specifically for their conservation, urbanisation, and restoration – that’s why we’re asking you to sign the petition! The […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Energy in refugee camps

Ever stumbled on a problem only to find that the solution seems so obvious? Well, that’s exactly how SayPro Energy was born. In refugee camps where electricity is scarce and erratic, there was a constant need for reliable energy. SayPro Energy has come up with the perfect answer: an extensive solar panel installation program that […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project undergrad leads research to find solutions for Africa’s youth challenges

‘SayPro’ is a unique opportunity for undergraduates from across the world to study in Africa. The continent has vast opportunities for growth and development, but reaching out to those who are coming of age can be daunting. That’s where SayPro comes in. Through this project, we’re working with local partners to understand the challenges faced […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project school’s plan to save water

The first thing we do when we arrive at school is turn on the tap and fill up our bottles. This is convenient, but not sustainable. We all know that there are better ways to get water than this. SayPro school in South Africa has come up with a brilliant idea: they plan to save […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Africa Youth Project charities overlooked by policymakers

We all want a world where we are all equal, but how can we achieve that when some people have more opportunities than us? And with rising poverty and unemployment, these inequalities are only getting bigger. SayPro is changing that. We’re bringing together young leaders from across South Africa to forge new ways of thinking […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project collaborations between media and media pluralism

We live in a world where media is changing every second. While traditional newspapers and television channels have lost the power to control the flow of information, new platforms are being created everyday. One such platform is SayPro, a media project that aims to foster diversity in journalism and cultivate a more inclusive society by […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Materials places first sustainability-linked bond

Sustainability is a buzzword these days and everyone talks about it. But, how many people are actually taking steps to improve their impact on Mother Earth? That’s where the SayPro Materials comes in. SayPro is a bond that invests in sustainable materials that will last for decades to come. Not only does your money go […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project shines a light on kids’ social-emotional issues using puppets

Failure to communicate and build relationships leads to lack of bonding and the spread of poverty. Children are being taught that it is okay to sell their own body parts for money, but they should not speak up when someone is talking about them. We have created a solution for kids who suffer from social-emotional […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Feeding 5,000′ organization by providing meals to the community

Feeding 5,000? Sounds like an ambitious goal, but it’s not impossible! With SayPro Feeding, we can make it happen. By providing meals to the community, we’re doing our part to fight hunger and poverty in Africa. And by partnering with local restaurants and farmers’ cooperatives, we’re ensuring that the food we provide is safe and […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project a toolkit for change

The world is changing. In fact, we are getting better at it every day. And we want to change too. But change alone won’t come if you don’t have the right tools for it. That’s where SayPro comes in handy! With simple and practical tools that can be applied by anyone, SayPro helps us stay […]

**Southern Africa Youth Project Designing a positive future

You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re telling us that a bunch of teens and tweens in South Africa can design the future? Come on, we know you think highly of them. But, wait! They’re also doing much more than just thinking of the future – they’re building it already! SayPro is a group of […]

 **Southern Africa Youth Project AI projects that seek to advance SDGs

This youth project comes from South Africa, where one of the biggest problems is unemployment. SayPro aims to address this issue and bring a better future to young people by developing AI solutions that can work across sectors. Through its SayPro projects, the organization develops AI-powered solutions that are designed to advance Sustainable Development Goals […]

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