Benefits of Volunteering

Our Chief Executive Officer Neftaly Malatjie spends a lot of his time working on office administrative work. He wanted to do something different.

He then noticed that the benefits of volunteering firstly is to the people or an organisation you are making a difference to.

He shares the benefits of volunteering with Southern Africa Yourh Project.

  • There is a child who has never had the love. You are going to give the love.
  • You will stay away from day to day normal activities to something new.
  • When you give time to Southern Africa Youth Project you are giving to a child who never had hoped they could achieve anything.
  • You become an inspiration and a role model. It might be a once off or a week to you. It will be remembered for lifetime by the child who listened and got your support.
  • You are flexible to choose how you want to volunteer whether in handy work or computers or with real people.
  • You can come alone or with your group of friend to spend some quality time with us.

To enjoy the benefits of volunteering

Send us an email to or give us a call to + 27 11 071 1903

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