Become a Lecturer Assessor Moderator

We invite you to become a Lecturer Assessor and Moderator

Southern Africa Youth Project provides opportunities for freelance Lecturers, Assessor, Moderators and Lecturers who want to make an impact in the lives of youth in Africa.

Southern Africa Youth Project is inviting all professionals in the following trades and occupation:

  • Health, Welfare and Community Development.
  • Engineering, Actuarial and Construction.
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Communications.
  • Finance, Economics and Accounting.
  • Management, Leadership and Human Resources.
  • Arts, Culture, Heritage and Sports.
  • Information Technology

If the above fields apply to you.

You are eligible to become a freelance Facilitator, Moderator, Lecturer and Assessor.

University students study in a classroom with male lecturer

To become a freelance Facilitator, Moderator, Assessor and Lecturer send an email to with the subject Lecturer and the field above.

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