Aquaculture and Fish Farming Products

Here we shall the list of all the Aquaculture and fish Farming Products you need.

At Southern Africa Youth Business we list all the Fish Farming products that you needs to ensure your farm runs smooth.

Let us get into it:

  • Water Pump
  • Water Filter
  • UV Light
  • Filter Sand
  • Bricks
  • Cement 32.5 or 42.5
  • Pond Cement (Black)
  • Water Pipes
  • Connectors
  • Glue
  • Stopper
  • Water Valve
  • Borehole or Municipality Water
  • Water Heater for cold areas
  • Water Tank
  • Labour

We supply all the Aquaculture and Fish Farming products.

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Japanese Koi fish in pond
Learn more about Fish Farming Products and more

What fish to use

What fish to use?   The choice of species for culture is of special importance. The most common fish for extensive or semi-intensive aquaculture in

Challenges to aquaculture in Africa

Challenges to aquaculture in Africa Aquaculture or fish farming, in particular in Africa, is still facing several challenges, some of which include: Limited knowledge on

Financial planning in Fish Farming

Financial planning Starting an aquaculture business can be an expensive exercise. It is important that you first acknowledge that starting an aquaculture business is a

Business planning in Fish Farming

Business planning You may have read many magazine or newspaper articles that promise a bright future for aquaculture. The technology, growth processes, challenges and potential

Polyculture Fish Farming

Polyculture Polyculture is culturing two different species at the same time. The two species use the same space but because they have different habits and

Monoculture in Fish Farming

Monoculture The most commonly farmed fish in Africa is tilapia. The most frequently used species is Oreochromis niloticus stocked at 1-2 fingerlings per m2, with

Types of fish cages

Types of cages Small cages Most people assume that fish cages are all very large and expensive. This is not true. In the Far East,

The advantages of fish cages

The advantages of fish cages Cages are less expensive than building ponds, dams and other Cages can make use of existing water bodies (such as

Cage culture of fish

Cage culture of fish Cages are widely used around the world to culture fish in natural or artificial water bodies. The use of cages in

Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Female adult carp are kept separately during winter, after which time their eggs will ripen. Once water temperatures rise above 20oC in

Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)

Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) One of the inherent disadvantages of tilapia as an aquaculture species is its tendency to breed at an early age and small

Barbel Fish (Clarias gariepinus)

Barbel Fish (Clarias gariepinus) Barbel are spawned artificially in aquaculture as natural spawning is haphazard and uncontrollable. Ripe fish of 2-4 kg are used and

Maintenance of fish broodstock

Maintenance of fish broodstock One of the essentials of good animal husbandry is the high-quality care taken of broodstock year round. Emaciated or diseased stock

Man fishing by the lake-Fish Broodstock selection

Fish Broodstock selection

Fish Broodstock selection A classic mistake made in fish farming is assuming that all fish of one species are the same. In any type of

What does harvesting involve

Q: What does harvesting involve? A: In a nutshell, harvesting involves the entire or partial collection of the fish from the water- body, be it

Managing fish health and diseases

Managing fish health and diseases Under culture conditions fish are more likely to encounter disease as many fish are kept close together, sometimes under stressful

Smoking the fish

Smoking fish Smoked fish do not last as long as salted fish. This is because they need to be refrigerated, frozen, or canned if they

Preserving methods for fish

Preserving methods Salting fish Salting is one of the oldest methods of preserving fish. Salting allows a farmer to keep fish for long periods so

When do fish first need feeding

Q: When do fish first need feeding? A: In artificial containments such as tanks, raceways or cages there is no or very little natural food,

Fish Tanks and Raceways

Tanks are generally smaller than ponds and are constructed above the ground. They are not in contact with the soil and tend to have a

Ornamental fish grow out

Size grading should be performed often to remove stunted individuals. Sex-sorting should be done when the fish start maturing in order to prevent uncontrolled spawnings

Ornamental fish culture Feeding

Juveniles will feed on an artificial diet (33-35% protein) or homemade diets using fishmeal, beef heart, and liver. The fish will also feed on the

Ornamental fish culture spawning

The males and females are placed in a fish tank where they mate. As their name suggests, livebearers give birth to live young, which means

Rainbow trout Grow-out

Trout eggs are relatively large compared to most other fish eggs. After the fry have hatched and used up their egg sac, they can be

Rainbow trout Spawning feeding

In the wild, trout feed on aquatic and terrestrial insects, molluscs, crustaceans, fish eggs and other small fishes. The natural diet is rich in pigment

Rainbow trout Spawning

Rainbow trout is easy to spawn and the large fry can be easily weaned onto an artificial diet (they usually feed on zooplankton). However, the

Tilapia Fish

Tilapia are often referred to as the ‘aquatic chicken’. This is because tilapia are cultured so widely and successfully around the world that they now

Sharptooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Sharptooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) The sharptooth catfish or barbel is a freshwater species and is distributed throughout southern Africa. This is a warmwater species that

How does a fish swim

Q: How does a fish swim? A: A fish swims by contracting its lateral (side) muscles and then flexing the body muscles along its length,

Fish Bouyancy

Most fish are essentially ‘weightless’ in their medium, water, and don’t need energy to stand up like land animals. Fish need to be able to

Fish Digestion

The digestive system of a fish species depends on what it eats. Fish that eat other fish tend to have a short digestive tract (gut

Fish Movement

Fish have evolved into various shapes and forms depending on how and where they live in water. Fast-swimming species (such as tigerfish or trout) are

Farm salmon fishing in Norway

Construction of fish farm

Are you thinking of building a Fish Farm in your area? Southern Africa Youth Business is the lead in Africa when it comes to building

the harvest of farmed fish-over 40's

Fish Farming Harvesting and handling

Harvesting and handling of the fish   When harvesting fish, we always must keep in mind that they are—like all other vertebrates—animals that experience pain

Blue water pipe installation from pump to tank.

Fish Production systems

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Seafood Fish

Aquatic Fish animal biology

Like any animal, a basic understanding of how fish function is necessary if one is to try to culture them. Fish are different to land

High angle close up of person holding freshly caught trout at a fish farm raising trout.

Fish Farming Advisory

Trust us to give you the best Fish Farming Advisory to help you grow your mind and your business. Southern Africa Youth Business provides Fish

N-400 Application for Naturalization and Certificate of naturalization lies on United States flag

Fish Farming Certification

Did you know that growing fishes and sale for business requires you to have Fish Farming certification. At Southern Africa Youth Business we go an

quality pool pump single phase 075kw 230v water pumps accessories x700 southern africa youth project

Our work on Fish Farming Coaching

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Fish Farming Site Selection

The choice of what species should be cultured  in a particular region depends on a number of factors, as discussed below. Location Several introduced (exotic)

Fish Farming Economical Study

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Fish Farming Technical Study

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Fish Farming Layout

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Fish Farming and Aquaculture

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Aquaculture and Fish Farming Nutrition

It is important to know Aquaculture Farming Nutrition At Southern Africa Youth Academy we provide training Aquaculture and Fish Farming Nutrition. We know and understand

Aquaculture Post-Harvest Economics

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Aquaculture Post-Harvest Marketing

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quality pool pump single phase 075kw 230v water pumps accessories x700 southern africa youth project

Water Pump for Fish Pond

Tender Description – Fixed-fee Agency Agreements with Legal Aid South Africa for a Period of Two (2) Years Closing Date – 16 November 2020 Tender 17_ 2020

Fish Pond designs

The design and construction of ponds is very important if a fish farm is to operate properly. Ponds are earthen impoundments for holding aquatic species

Water temperature in a fish pond

Temperature is the hotness or coldness of something and is probably the most important water-quality variable. Unlike mammals, fish are not able to regulate their

Harvesting from fish ponds

Harvesting from ponds If the pond can be drained, harvest the fish by draining the pond into the catch basin and collecting the fish with

Contour Pond

Pond maintenance for fish farming

Like a farm field, the bottom of a pond must be looked after. Between harvests, pond preparation involves the following steps: Draining and drying the

Fertilizing the Fish Pond

Q:    Is it possible to over-fertilize a pond? A:    Yes, if too much is added the pond water becomes anoxic (lacking in oxygen) and the

Stocking the fishes in the pond

Appropriate stocking of the pond   Depending on the available feeding resources, 2 to 4 fish per m² of pond area are appropriate with a

Building the Pond

Let’s Start by building the Pond for your fish farming At Southern Africa Youth Business we travel around the world building fish ponds for commercial

Contour Pond

Spawning of Tilapia Fish

Once they become sexually mature, tilapia reproduce once every few months. The adults take very good care of their own eggs and fry. If the

Contour Pond

Feeding of Tilapia Fish

Feeding Oreochromis mossambicus are used to control filamentous algae, which is a habitat for mosquito larvae, thus the tilapia is used to help with malaria

Contour Pond

How do Tilapia fishes breath

Fish obtain oxygen from the water via their gills which are found at the side of the head, covered by the operculum plate. The gills

How do Tilapia fishes reproduce

Fish breed in a number of different ways. Most lay eggs but some give birth to live young. In freshwater fish, the fertilized eggs usually

Contour Pond

Cages fish farming

Cages can either float in the water or be staked into the ground of the pond (in shallow areas of water). They are usually used

Type of soil for fish farming

The type of soil available to construct the pond is of the utmost importance if the pond is to hold water, maintain water quality and

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Trout is the most well-established aquaculture species in South Africa. It is very popular as a fishing species as well as a high-value food fish. Trout is

Other Carp Fish Species

Other carp species Other kinds of carp, besides the common carp, are grown in ponds. Most commonly used are the Chinese carps. Some of these

Harvesting and preserving fish

Harvesting and preserving fish Harvesting is the collection of fish from a pond, for selling at market or for cooking and preservation for family use.

Can I feed fish with kitchen waste

Q: Can I feed the fish with kitchen waste? A: Yes, most tilapia, carp and catfish will readily consume kitchen waste, especially vegetable, meat and

How much should a fish be fed

Q: How much should fish be fed? A: Artificial feeds deteriorate very quickly in water, so any feeds not eaten immediately will quickly spoil and

Feeding habits for fishes

Feeding habits It is important to know the feeding preferences of the species being cultured so the correct food can be provided at all times

Why feed a cultured fish

Why feed the cultured fish? A fish farmer may wonder why he needs to add extra feed to his pond when he already adds fertilizer

Size Sorting of fishes

Size-sorting the fish After the fish have been collected in buckets, they should be sorted by sizes or species. If sorting is done quickly, small

Long distance transporting fishes

Long distances A particular procedure is required when moving fish over longer distances, such as when stocking ponds with fingerlings or obtaining broodstock. These fish

Short distance transporting of fishes

Short distances When moving fish short distances within the hatchery itself, they can be transported in buckets. Remember that certain fish almost invariably try to

Pesticides in fish farming

Like fertilizers with nitrates, chemicals used by farmers to treat plants against pests may find their way into the water. Care must be taken to

Phosphorus in fish farming

Phosphorus is necessary for the pond organisms to survive and is often important in the regulation of algal growth and subsequent food webs in the

Fish tank and cage management

Tank and cage management Tanks, raceways and cages are all artificial enclosures that need daily management to work efficiently. The life of the fish contained

Transporting live fish

Transporting live fish One of the most frequent activities on any fish farm is the moving of fish around from one tank to another, or

Fertilizers in fish farming

Fertilizers To ensure pond phytoplankton productivity, various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, carbon and calcium need to be added regularly. Fertilizers can be inorganic

Supplementary fish feed

Feeding the fish through the integration of plant production Alternatively, to or in addition to adding manure to the pond, materials of plant origin can

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