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A child who grew up at an Afternoon Care Program performs better in life than a child who did not.

Southern Africa Youth Project with its 1 Million clients across 500 non-profit organizations provides afternoon care programs offering over 50 programmes daily.

We cannot do this without the support, contribution and funding from our generous donors.

To partner with Southern Africa Youth Project please send an email to or call us at + 27 11 071 1903

These are orphans, vulnerable children and youth who have not had the love they need at home.

Most of the have experienced:

  • Domestic Violence: In cities, townships and rural areas a woman is being abused with the children. Due to family conflicts, women spends most of their time crying from brutal abuse, attacks and insults from their intimate partners. These create fear and stress to children as they witness this weekly.

Solution: By participating at Southern Africa Youth Project Afternoon Care Program they are inspired, given counselling and motivation to think about positive future despite the challenges they face at home.

  • Physically abused: Most children have been abused by their parents and family members. Due to that, they end up on being in isolation with other community members.

Solution: We offer referral services to medical nurses, clinics and health care to ensure that the wounds are cared for. Where necessary we refer the whole family for further counselling and support.

  • Brutal Poverty: Many children and youth go to bed without food. Some spend days eating. This has a negative impact on child growth and mental wellbeing. Imagine yourself without eating for a day or so.

Solution: Our afternoon care centres offer a nutritional meal to these young people. Which enables them to focus again on Education and dreaming big.

  • Have never had parental love: Some children and Youth grew up in families which are full of abuse, high alcohol and substance abuse. The love they get is insults, humiliation and abuse.

Solution: Our afternoon Care Program caregiver and child Youth care workers becomes a parental figure to these children so that they know they have someone they can talk to and take care of them. Without isolating them from their original parents.

  • Traumatised: Some children are traumatised that when you go near or whisper near them they could even jump. This is because of how they are treated at home.

Solution: We refer to Social Workers who provides counseling and trauma support to these clients. This ensures that they deal with the fear and the confusion that is in their minds.

  • Lost hope about the future: Most of Afternoon Care Program clients have been told that they will never ever have a brighter future. Therefore Southern Africa Youth Project Project empowering them to recognized and utilise the opportunities that are around them.

Why Southern Africa Youth Project:

  • Bringing and inspiring hope
  • Awakening souls
  • Bringing them together families
  • Creating leaders and role models.

Whilst these young people participated in our programs they get a chance to:

  • Learn how to work in teams: Wh
  • Dreaming about their future.
  • Planning ahead.
  • Learn from motivational speakers and role models in society.
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See more of our work in the Afternoon Care Program

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