2021 Year End Message from Neftaly Malatjie

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I am sending my most profound appreciation to all of you for the fantastic work you have put in in 2021.

This year has been a terrible year for all of us.

We have made lots of adjustments, made mistakes, made changes and mostly, we have learnt a lot.

We did win, and we have lost a considerable time.

We have been angry, disappointed and we gave up, but we kept our fingers crossed even in frustration.

You asked lots of questions which were not answered. Some did not sleep, and some worked overtime.

Most of us did what we did not understand we were doing. But we kept on pushing.

What could we say?

I have thanked you so many times, and I am still thanking you again now. I say thank you for being there for the people who needed you the most.

I am asking that can we start with those prayers. We are asking for 2022 to bring us other good news.

2022 to be a year of financial reward. The increases we asked for from Clifford, Herbet and Ndou.

2022 to be the year of rewards. The houses we wanted to build, the home loan we wanted to fulfil, the education for our children, the medical treatments for our family members, the furniture you wanted to buy this year.

Can 2022 be the year of happiness at SayPro like it was in 2021?

Can 2022 be the year where you find love, care from your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and if you did not yet. May you get 1.

Can 2022 be the year where things do not be difficult to get?

Can 2022 end with you having a job and the income you need.

Those who will be leaving SayPro to continue with their businesses in 2022. May God guide them and make their dreams come true.

Most of us were unhappy with the income we received in 2021, but we are grateful that we can still pay our bills.

Can 2022 not be the year where you lie, cheat, underperform, steal or not be honest.

Can 2022 be the year where you are surrounded with positiveness, vision and peace?

Can 2022 be the year where you feel loved, and you love yourself?

Please have resting 2021. Those who will be working, please continue to do so.

May you have a peaceful festive season from wherever you are.

May God protect you as you go home and to your holiday destinations and return with you safely.

May Allah, God, Jesus, Engenas, Shembe, Budha, Ancestors, Angels, the Universe hear our prayers.

Would you please reread this message?

This is my last message for 2021.

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