Our Youth attends a career guidance

Southern Africa Youth Project has identified a factor that has led to more than 25 out 100 university dropouts due to studying in the wrong field, this is one of the contributing factors to unemployment and poverty.

This is because the current mediums of distributing information have gaps and young people are unable to make informed decisions with regards to which career pursuits to venture into because they have information of paper but lack the practical knowledge that goes into the career itself.

Southern Africa Youth Project has developed a Career Guidance program that focuses on taking young people into various partner companies for job shadowing where they get exposed to actual work that takes within various organisational departments and the qualifications required is a specific field of work.

We have had two successful projects as 15 young people got an opportunity to visit a food safety testing called Deltamune where they got an insight into what the company does through formal presentations and departmental visits.

SayPro continues to change the way the youth think about themselves through “Poverty2jobs” model.

Call: 011 071 1903/ info@southernafricayouth.org

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