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Hospitals plays a major role in promoting health, wellbeing and restoring lives of those who have experienced difficulties. SayPro Capacity Building for Hospitals ensures that we provide training, capacity building and support to Hospital doctors, management, nurses and hospital staff.

SayPro works with Hospital CEOs, Human Resource Departments and Nursing units to provide Capacity Building for Hospitals. Our training is recognised, certified and accredited, and tailor-made to the Hospital needs.

If you manage a hospital, you have come to the right place for training and courses for your staff and key employees.

SayPro can work with your management team designing training programmes that are recognised and also workshops that will change how your operations are at the current stage.

As you are aware, both private and public Hospitals have been flagged with lots of complaints which can jeopardise the reputation of the hospital you manage. It is therefore essential that you work with SayPro Capacity Building for Hospitals to ensure that we change how you manage your operations and service delivery.

Here is what SayPro Capacity Building for Hospitals can do for you:

  • SayPro Training Needs Management: SayPro works with private and public hospitals to manage their training needs. SayPro Training Needs Management includes masterclasses, workshops, training, capacity building, team buildings and seminars.
  • SayPro Training Logistics Coordination: SayPro can remove the stress of your Hospital shoulders by managing your online training management coordination, departmental training facilitation, accommodation sourcing, training conference venue booking, staff travels, including airport pick up and drop off.
  • SayPro Training Budget Management: SayPro can work on any Hospital training budget. We re-emphasise that SayPro is capable of working with any training budget and ensuring that your Hospital gets the most from any budget allocated by finance or sector financing and grants that the Hospital may receive from time to time. SayPro will work with the Hospital Management from budget planning, budget review, budget implementation, budget evaluation and finally, the Hospital Training budget reporting.
  • SayPro Tailor-Made Training: At SayPro, we understand that the reason why the Hospital takes people to train is to ensure that the Hospital management wants to share the culture, your institution values, and the administration wants the Hospital staff to know that Hospital and its leadership do care. Do not worry about SayPro training content. SayPro will always emphasise, attach in its presentations and the Hospital videos sharing how and why the Hospital sent them to attend the training. Multiple slides will also be embedded speaking about the Hospital

SayPro offers a wide range of training and online courses through our Capacity Building for Hospitals which will enable the Hospital to perform at its best.

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