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SayPro is a non-profit organization that provides various training services to the community. They provide training in drugs and substance abuse. This training is provided because, during adolescence, a young person goes through biological and psychological changes. In addition to the physical changes that mark growing up, the teen’s brain is also developing ways to work more effectively. We empower more than 10 000 youth by providing Life and Work Readiness skills through ICT based programs.

How will I know that I have HIV?

You can look and feel healthy for years when you first have HIV in your body. There is only one way to find out whether you are living with HIV – by having an HIV test.

Should I have an HIV test?
Finding out as early as possible after being infected with HIV is important. This way you can get help and avoid spreading HIV without knowing it.

Why must I have an HIV test?
– Knowing the result can reduce the stress and uncertainty of not knowing.
– Your doctor or clinic will be able to tell you if worrying signs and symptoms are HIV/AIDS-related.
– There is help available to you if you are HIV positive, one being through Aid for AIDS.
– You cannot lose your job just because you are HIV positive – there are laws to protect you.
– You can change your lifestyle to protect sexual partners from future infections, so
– that you do not infect your sexual partner with the virus without knowing.
– Decisions about having children or entering into new relationships can be considered.
– A lot can be done to help you lead a healthy, normal life and slow down the time to developing AIDS if HIV is found early (before getting sick) in your blood.
– If you are HIV positive and register with Aid for AIDS, approval can be provided for multivitamins and preventative vaccinations to help you remain healthy

How do I have an HIV test?

You should go to a clinic if you are thinking about having an HIV test. The health worker should sit down and talk to you about the test. You can decide whether or not to have the test. No one can force you to have an HIV test – it is your choice. If you decide to test, the health worker will take a blood or saliva (spit) sample. This will be checked for HIV antibodies, which are made by the immune system soon after you are infected. Some of the tests will give the results within a few minutes, but other tests need to be sent away to get the results. If your test has been sent away you will need to visit the health worker about one week later to get the result. If antibodies are found you have a ‘positive
test’ and are infected with HIV. This is why people living with HIV are often called ‘HIV positive’.

What are my rights?
You have to decide whether to go for the test. Nobody, not even a doctor or your employer, has the right to force you to have the test without your permission. The test result is confidential. It is against the law for the health worker to tell someone else the result without your permission. It is important that the health worker explains the meaning of the test to you so you can decide if you want it.

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