Yusta Nemes an Entrepreneur in Tanzania

Yusta Nemes is 23 years old Tanzanian girl, she was born in 1996. She is the first born in a family of five children. She has two brothers and two sisters. Her mother is a small business owner selling vegetable in front of her house and her father is a security guard. Her parents could only offer food needs and clothing to the family but are unable to afford education, healthy and other important needs of the family. Her parents are older relatives in their families and it is traditional in Tanzania for older relative to also provide for their younger ones. This made her family to be extended family for they live with other children of her uncles and aunts who are facing different life challenges that they fail to provide for their families.

In a very challenging environment, Yusta managed to get her primary and secondary education in a government school. In pursuing her secondary education, she couldn’t score to the maximum in her final National Exams to be picked up by government school for higher education. She could continue to higher education only by joining a private educational institution which high tuition fees are applied. Her family could not afford this and let their daughter stay at home to help her mother with her small business and domestic work. At that time she completed her secondary education, she was 18 years old.

The Community educational and training center met Yusta as it was looking for its 2016 out of school youth beneficiaries to be empowered by given an opportunity to access tools, resources, and educational programs in life skills and career development. Yusta was registered among the beneficiaries.

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Together with the other 41 beneficiaries, They attended three (3) Months life skills and career development session at the community center, they also learn English language, basic computer application and entrepreneurship. The community center always offer its youth beneficiaries with internships, scholarships, and jobs opportunities of their career choice. Yusta has been always dreaming of becoming a popular makeup artist and own his own beauty business. The management of the community center and LGBY found a perfect match for her to do an internship for three months. During her internship at the Manjano Beauty Academy, Yusta got the opportunity to learn more about beauty skills and made new connections. She had no time to stay at home anymore, this time she was busy developing herself into the person she wanted to be.

From her own word of mouth as she was video documented with TV Tumaini as she was giving testimony to 2019 LGBY’s beneficiaries she said ” LGBY Foundation has played a big role in my life, my family was going to let me married by now. I am sorry to see many of my friends pregnant and some have children before they are well prepared to provide for their children.I understand that it could have happened to me too if it was not for LGBY Foundation to provide me with an opportunity to join the community educational & training center”

Yusta is currently employed in one of the best beauty studio in Dodoma the capital city of Tanzania, She has two years of experience working as a professional makeup artist in different beauty studios and saloons. she provides for her family basic needs, her brothers and sisters education, including helping her family add more rooms at their house from two rooms to four rooms. Yusta Nemes is now on her final preparations to open up her own Beauty Saloon in Dar-es-salaam. 

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It was Saturday morning after every Saturday sports & games session, LGBY’s staffs with their own 2019 LGBY’s beneficiaries. On their arrival at LGBY’s office from football playground one kilometres away from LGBY’s office, LGBY Team and its beneficiaries were blessed by a big visit of two visitors, Anna Munyagi and Anna Julius. They are both Tanzanian but Anna Julius is currently living in the United States.

I personally haven’t met them for almost three years and they have both been hearing about LGBY but never been here before. Said David Mwendele, Founder & Executive Director.

Anna Munyagi was working with Hananasif Orphanage Center (HOCET) the orphanage that LGBY’s and executive director grew up and went to school from after he was taken from street where he used to live as a street child. David Mwendele was forced to live on street after his host family in Da-es-salaam Tanzania enter into trouble by her step mother got divorced and his step mother failing to take care of the family herself. Anna Munyagi as she was working with the orphanage, she then sponsored part of David’s education and offer other life expenses after he graduated from the orphanage school. And Anna Julius was among beneficiaries of Hanasif Orphanage Center (HOCET) just like David Mwendele.  I remember punishing her when she didn’t do her home work or come back late from school. Saying David Mwendele. 

They both got an opportunity to speak the beneficiaries in group and individually. Anna Julius shared with the beneficiaries about her experience living and studying in the United States after she got adopted to Kassenich family and move from the Orphanage to a family in the United States. She told the beneficiaries that she is currently working on her beauty product launch in Tanzania and that is her purpose of visiting Tanzania this March 2019, Anna is 22 years old girl.

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You could see how inspired and motivated the beneficiries were by looking at their faces, hearing their questions, discussion and the interactions between the beneficiaries and both visitors.

I was looking at Anna as she was explaining about her life and education experience her purposes visiting her home land Tanzania, and silently asked myself what did they do to her? She is totally different and too smart from the last time I saw her leaving Tanzania. Saying David Mwendele.