Youth Cultural Exchange

Our Youth Cultural Exchange Programme

Everyone is curious to know about the other people’s culture. People travel to Africa from America, Australia, Europe and Asia to see, learn and be inspired by our Cultures.

Southern Africa Youth Project introduced the Youth Cultural Exchange Programme in 2010 to bring the youth from across the continent to experience the culture, lifestyle and the food Africa has to offer.

Southern Africa Youth Project does not make the youth see meureums like everybody does. 
We get the youth to be in culture, dress and gets involved in the preparation and the arrangements. Imagine going to attend an African Wedding,

Masai man in the village in Africa, Tanzania, Africa- 01 February 2020
Southern africa youth project 113

Strengthening African Youth Cultural Exchange Programmes

Southern Africa Youth Project working in partnership with Donors, Funders and government agencies we strengthen the collaboration and the implementation of Youth African Youth Cultural Exchange Programmes.

We aim to promote the development and creation on new industries in the cultural sector. Where young people from across the globe visits Africa to experience what they have never experienced before.

We ensure that our Cultural Exchange Programmes are inclusive of different cultures and also the youth who are part of them gets a change to participate.

These are done with the national and internationla markets in the cultural industry. Whilst promoting economic trade for every youth.

Engaging the vulnerable in Youth Cultural Exchange Programmes

Southern Africa Youth Project adopts and works with those from impoverished families by enabling them to participate in Cultural Exchange Programmes.

The youth participation in Cultural Exchange Programmes is for them to learn and understand that everyone is created equal. Also to remove their vulnerabilities. 

We ensure that there is inclusive access to promoting access, participation and contributions to the minorities. Southern Africa Youth Project does not discriminate or it does not engage in promoting one culture.

Promoting the participation of women in Youth Cultural Exchange Programmes.

Southern Africa Youth Project promotes gender equality in the cultural industry.

We engage adolescent girls and young women from an early age so that they grow with the skills and experience in the industry. The male counterpart also plays a huge role in the mentor-ship, guidance and support for our women.

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