What are the peripherals you can use in various Computer Ports?

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  • Printers: A printer is a peripheral that is used to print, or produce, a version of what appears on the screen in a hardcopy There are many types of printers available including ink-jet, laser-jet, and photo printers. Also, combination printers that include scanners and copiers are increasing in popularity.
  • Scanners: A scanner allows you to copy an image or document and save it in electronic form onto your computer. While you can purchase a hand-held and flatbed scanners, you are more likely to purchase a scanner as an all-in-one option that combines a scanner, printer, and copier into one product.

    Scanners vary in resolution, or sharpness, so when shopping for one, be sure to compare the resolution of the products. A scanner is connected to the computer via a parallel port, a USB port, or a SCSI connection. No matter which connection is used, the images are stored on your PC’s hard drive in a digital format.


  • Speakers/Headphones: Speakers and headphones are output devices, which means that they are devices that communicate information from the computer to the user. They allow you to hear sound and music. Both speakers and headphones connect to a computer; however, some computers are designed with speakers built into the monitor.
  • Microphones: A microphone is a type of input device, or a device that receives information from a user. You connect the microphone to the computer and use the computer to record sound or to communicate with another computer user via the Internet. Many computers come with built-in microphones.

Web Camera

  • Web Cameras: Web cameras, or web cams, are devices that connect to a computer and display a video image of whatever it is recording. This video image can be transmitted over the Internet, allowing a user in another location the ability to see the video in real-time. Web cameras are used often in business for video conferences, and are also a great tool for families to use to stay connected from different parts of the world.
  • Joystick or Game Controller: A joystick is a lever used while playing a computer game.
  • Digital Cameras: A digital camera lets you capture a picture in digital (computer-readable) form. You can transfer that image directly from the camera to the computer. When you use a digital camera, you can also preview your pictures before printing them. If you don’t like what you see, you can edit or delete them.

Personal Digital Assistant

  • Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): A PDA is a handheld computer that can have a variety of features including a calendar, Internet access, video recording, word processing, email access, phone, media player, and more. Most PDAs can be synchronized with a PC to allow up-to-date contact information stored on software such as Microsoft Outlook, RSS feeds, or other web updates.
  • MP3 Players: An MP3 player is a portable device that stores, organizes, and plays audio files. The player can read files that are recorded from a CD using a computer, or downloaded from various sites via the Internet.

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