We are now registered Public Benefit Organisation PBO

Southern Africa Youth Project has in 2015 received its Public Benefit Organisation PBO Status from the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

Following the receipt of the registration certificate as a Non-Profit Company Southern Africa, Youth Project has been once again recognised by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) as a Public Benefit Organisation.

This means that in terms of Income Tax of 1962, Southern Africa Youth Project is able to gain tax relief efforts from SARS.

All contributions we will receive from donors and contributors are going to be exempted from the income tax.

Donors can rest assured that after they contribute to Southern Africa Youth Project they will further get tax revenue.

Southern Africa Youth Project is registered as a Section 18A public benefit organisation as listed in Part 1 of the Ninth Schedule of the Income Tax Act of 1962.

Southern Africa Youth Project informs all donors and contributors wishing to get tax relief.

That, Southern Africa Youth Project will issue the Section 18A Certificate to any person contributing and donating to the Southern Africa Youth Project.

Should you or your family have an interest in giving to the Southern Africa Youth Project. Note that you will be given a Section 18A certificate as an individual or an institution.

If you are looking for a Public Benefit Organisation or to partner with a Public Benefit Organisation send us an email to info@southernafricayouth.org or call us at + 27 11 071 1903.

You can select the green button on the right side to chat with us.


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