United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Southern Africa Youth Project is a Youth development institution that strives to empower communities to utilize the opportunities that are around them. Southern Africa Youth Project does this through enabling Girls, Youth and Young Women to access Technology, Education, Health and Employment (Southern Africa Youth Project TEHE.

Southern Africa Youth Project acknowledges that 60% of Southern Africa population still lives on the equivalent of $2 and less a day with unemployment rates in Southern Africa countries over 50% and some have more. We acknowledge that having a job does not specifically guarantee the ability to escape poverty as some of the Youth are not able to make a living from the income they generate from their daily works. 

Southern Africa Youth Project plans to address the Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG8) which promotes decent work and economic growth

Southern Africa Youth Project has recognized that Southern Africa countries economies are not performing at the level that is required. Each and every day African currencies are loosing values thus this creates major challenges as companies are closing down on a daily basis and the Youth who makes up over 40% of Southern Africa population. 

Youth are on a daily basis are loosing jobs and permanent employment which leads them to poverty and high unemployment rate. 

Since majority of young women have had a baby between the age of 14 – 21 years. This leads to young women fighting for survival rather than sustainability.