Our Youth receives advice and referral services

SayPro believes that by sharing information with the youth of Diepsloot and the rest of South Africa, we can help shape the future of our generation.

With more than 30 Community Based Organisations withing the township of Diepsloot, SayPro saw the need to work with other organisations to ensure that young people receive information, training and skills through joint-community ventures to empower them with employable opportunities within the job markets.

Our “Poverty2jos” model has changed lives of more than 15 850 young people through the following programs.

Program 1: Life skills ( Career Guidance, Job searching skills and Work progressive skills).

Program 2: Wholesale & Retail ( Cashier, Waiter & Customer Service).

Programs 3: Entrepreneurial skills ( Idea Generation, Business planning, Market Identification, Financial management as well as Promotion and Selling ).

Program 4: Information Technology ( End User Computing and Introduction into Programming ).

Program 5: Job Placement upon completion of our training programs the youth are then assisted by means of applying for jobs and other sustainable opportunities.

This is how we at Southern Africa Youth Project “change the way the youth think about themselves“.

Call: 011 071 1903/info@southernafrricayouth.org

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