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SayPro is an award-winning company that provides solutions for government, corporate businesses, non-profit organisations and individuals globally and in Africa. Speak to us about this solution now. Chat to us on WhatsApp down on left.

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SayPro Strategy

  • SayPro develops and maintains an understanding of Africa’s customers, competitors, partners, business models, market sizing, and industry trends.
  • SayPro develops and maintains an understanding of the market environment and trends.
  • SayPro leads market landscape analyses and reviews of companies of potential interest.
  • SayPro guides business partners to inform decision-making.
  • SayPro uses the existing knowledge base to drive a deal thesis and business model.
  • SayPro communicates the deal thesis and business model.
  • SayPro develops an understanding of client’s product portfolio, strategic priorities, competitive position, gaps, and potential opportunities.
  • SayPro drives evaluation of client clients pillar strategic alternatives (e.g. buy, build, partner) and choices.
  • SayPro Ensures the clients pillar roadmap, go-to-market, integration plans and related issues are considered.
  • SayPro represents clients Strategy through exposure, presence, and influence of client stakeholders and leadership.

SayPro Research, Analysis, & Framing

  • SayPro guides others in conducting innovative Africa broad market-based research by leveraging and interpreting information (e.g., financial statements, reports, analyses, stakeholder feedback, expert calls) around high-impact strategic questions, including research within existing businesses and identifying new spaces for client; involves stakeholders as appropriate; leverages analyses of others to synthesize information and challenges research of others.
  • SayPro owns framing for broad research projects, ratifying with executives; assists colleagues with preparing as needed.

SayPro Problem Solving & Solutioning

  • SayPro synthesizes broad findings into insights across a division, including implications that inform business decisions on complex issues, leveraging executive presence to influence decisions and proactively driving solutions to high-impact strategic questions and unaddressed opportunities.
  • SayPro identifies and scopes expansive ideas for company strategy, often missed by others.
  • SayPro leverages insights to develop recommendations and provides thought leadership (e.g., trend identification, implications of competitor moves) around potential future growth opportunities and strategic issues for client.
  • SayPro sells the value of new efforts to business partners and senior leadership.
  • SayPro guides the team through the development of frameworks and methodologies to drive problem-solving and insights.

SayPro Communication

  • SayPro ensures communication of insights to senior business leaders (e.g., GM-level, CVP, EVP, CEO) and conveys viewpoints through written documents (e.g., memos, reports) and influence models (e.g., meetings, presentations) through minimal iterations of feedback and vetting.
  • SayPro builds end-to-end storylines and creates outlines across multiple projects for junior colleagues to leverage.
  • Influences senior decision making by providing communications, challenging ideas, and adapting messages to complex nuances as needed.
  • SayPro communicates the value of new efforts to business partners and senior leadership.

SayPro Business Partner Relationships

  • SayPro manages critical contact points with internal teams (e.g., MEA HQ, MEA Subs, MCAPS, Finance, CELA, Marketing, Engineering, BD, LinkedIn, GitHub,…etc.)
  • SayPro Manages and cultivates relationships with senior internal leaders (e.g., GM-level, CVP, EVP, CEO).
  • SayPro acts as an advisor to senior leadership as an clients pillar domain expert within client, leveraging deep technical/product and business knowledge, market awareness, and subject matter expertise to inform strategic business decisions.
  • SayPro demonstrates influences through partners across multiple divisions.
  • SayPro provides career mentorship to colleagues outside of clients function and is sought out by others for guidance and education.
  • SayPro ensures opportunities for junior team members to develop business partner relationships.
  • SayPro identifies compelling projects and positions the team to carry them out.

SayPro Project Leadership

  • SayPro manages multiple clients pillar projects and teams across organizational boundaries as a project lead through goals, deliverables, feedback, resource balancing, and timing expectations; proactively identifies complex roadblocks and address them.
  • SayPro initiates and drives multiple projects and topic areas, including project plans, recommendations, impact, and syndication across groups.
  • SayPro leads cross-company initiatives as a lead member of virtual teams, demonstrating impact across numerous divisions.
  • SayPro identifies, evaluates, and proposes new project work/deals based on unmet needs.
  • SayPro advises others to lead projects indirectly.

SayPro Customer and Partner Focus

  • SayPro leverages internal and external relationships as a trusted advisor to advise complex (e.g., significant, high impact) customers and partners on domain expertise as a sought-out resource across multiple lines of business, geographies, and cultures, as appropriate; advises partners and decision-makers on the industry and company.
  • SayPro drives internal strategy and guides the team in executing partnerships.
  • SayPro drives customer and partner business initiatives and contributes to customer’s strategy discussions;
  • SayPro influences the product roadmap, prioritization, and customer and partner decision making.
  • SayPro looks across accounts to identify and address broad issues and trends.
  • SayPro drives strategic thinking among the team and fosters a culture of customer and partner focus.
  • SayPro creates business value propositions based on company, partner, and customer needs that drive long-term value creation.
  • SayPro drives support and action by influencing internal stakeholders and partners and promoting the value of opportunities.
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